Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The church is true the Book is blue

This week man...
Oh wow.

We started off pretty confident, excited for the appointments we had
set up with some new people we found. Those all fell through. I still
have not grasped the concept of telling someone you will meet them
somewhere, even giving them your number, and then not coming and
ignoring all their calls. But it's OK. We're good. I'm over it....sort
of :)

Then with all the investigators we do have, Sister Bécsi and I left each
appointment looking at each other saying, "....yeah....they are not
ready yet. We should stop meeting them."
We did have a spontaneous exchange with the St. Gallon Sisters though
and that was fun! No one had called us all transfer for exchanges or
anything so we just kind of figured we'd been forgotten out here in
Schaffhausen but then suddenly the sister training leaders from the
neighboring zone called us and said we had to do exchanges with them,
the very next morning. That was way fun. Got to work with Sister
Svovadova from the Czech Republic.

It was just one of those weeks where you get the feeling that no one
wants you here haha. We just had several conversations where people
try to throw you off or tell you you're wrong or pat you on the
shoulder and say, it's really cute what you're trying to do here but I
don't care.

Yesterday we had district finding day and a man grabbed sister Bécsi's arm and
told her he was taking her to the police. Haha oh man. He demanded to
see our ministering certificate and called the police and then they
came and it was all messy and poor Sister Bécsi had no idea what was
going on and I was just trying to handle it with my limited German...
but all is well.

It's moments like these when you treasure your personal study time
where you remind yourself of what you know to be true. Sister Bécsi
and I were talking about it a bit. We both agreed, there are lots of
things where your testimony kind of wavers and you're not always 100%
sure. But that's OK. Because then you rely on the things you DO know.
I think that's different for everybody. Sister Bécsi and I are similar
and say that the thing for us that we will always know to be true is
the Book of Mormon. I really know it's a true book. And not just that
the people that wrote it lived and all that, but that the teachings and
prophecies in it are true. I'm so grateful to have a book that I can
study and trust to be absolutely true. I think in difficult testimony-
shaking-moments of life, it's so important to remind yourself of what
you DO know, not what you're not sure of. And I'm so grateful that in
shaking moments this week, the Book of Mormon could help me stay
strong in my calling as a missionary.
Have a fabulous week!!

(Oh wait, transfer calls came and we're staying her in Schaffhausen
and I'm super pumped. Sister Bécsi and I have fun together haha)

-Sister Lehmann


Distrikt pday playing soccer and eating water melon

Saw the ad at Bahnhof and immediately went to the next kiosk to buy some. So good.

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