Monday, January 30, 2017

Last week of the transfer


So the big news: Sister Leonard is leaving me and going to Switzerland! Schwamendingen to be exact. And I'm getting a new golden again! It's great haha I look forward to it.

This week we had an especially great lesson with a really sweet Iranian family we teach. We taught them about eternal families and the spirit was so strong as we spoke. Sister Leonard and I both bore testimony of the temple and how holy it is there. They were so excited and asked us if we will come to the sealing of their family together. Sister Leonard and I both almost started crying of happiness I think haha. It's not everyday that your investigator reaches that point you know?

Also had the opportunity to go back to David and Irina again. They both had read and told us that when they had read they felt peace. It's really interesting, everytime we get there it's a little chaotic and crazy and maybe even dark but when we leave, the atmosphere is completely changed. It's so still and peaceful and light. And that's in no way to sound prideful, it's just to say that this whole thing about missionaries having power and authority and the spirit as a constant companion thing is REAL.

Last cool experience I'll share was at the beginning of this week when we were going finding. We had just been tracting in a particularly difficult apartment building on a particularly freezing day and even trying to be friendly and starting casual conversations with people on the bus was getting shut down. Suddenly though, as I sit down on the bus to take us home, this lady sits by me and starts talking to ME first! Haha what a delightful surprise; that always catches me off guard. She asked me what I was doing here, saying that she'd overheard me talking to someone at the bus stop just before. Her name is Jenny. I told her that as missionaries we prepare people to be worthy and ready for baptism. (Kind of weird that that came out, I don't usually put it that way...) She laughed and said, "well, you're currently sitting next to a very unbelieving, unbaptized person right now!" I laughed too and said, "that can't be true, you must believe in something even if it's different than me." She opened up a bit and said, "well, I do believe that Gods there, I believe that he looks over his children, that he loves us..." haha that caught me off guard but I was like, "yes! That's exactly right!!" She then went on to say, "yeah...I actually have been wanting to get baptized, me with my son together, my boyfriend too actually. He's really religious but also has never gotten baptized..." hahaha I think I forgot how to talk in that moment. Boy did that make me happy.  We look forward to meeting Jenny next week :) :) :)

Have a wonderful week!

Fresh Austrian buns, orange juice and Almdudler.


Loridana. Forgot to write about this!! This is the sweet lady we visited on Christmas. Unfortunately she's quitting her job and goes back to Romania, but we'll find her some missionaries when she starts work in Gratz :) we gave her a Book of Mormon in her mother tongue and she was soooo happy. We'll miss our sassy Romanian.❤️

Family home evening

The Donau

Monday, January 23, 2017

It's not from me, it's the Spirit


Hope everyone's doing well. This week was just kind of normal and went
super fast so I'm not quite sure what to talk about...

The man that we're helping with his alcohol problem is slowly but
surely getting better. Last Monday we spontaneously brought him to the
family home evening we were going to and it went really well. It was
funny talking to him, the day before, on Sunday, someone gave a talk on
the Word of Wisdom which was kind of a shock for him.
"Wait wait wait," he said, "none of these people here drink alcohol??"
"Well....yeah. We're not all prefect but we try."
"Wait none of these people drink alcohol or smoke??"
"Well yeah..."
"Wait coffee and tea too!? There is now way all these people keep that."

Haha plus we talked about the 10 commandments, which he already knew
about but told us that there is no way anyone can keep all 10
commandments at the same time. It was funny, Sister Leonard and I
looked at eachother and we were like, ".....wellll....I think it is possible.
You can at the very least try..." He's doing well though!

We also went back to visit that sweet Romanian family that we found
last week and it went great! Kind of a funny lesson translated from
German to English to Romanian. It was interesting, sitting in that
lesson I suddenly had a flash back to going as a joint teach with the
Sisters in Geneva and I remember how the investigator was asking this
question and I remember thinking, wow! That's a really good point he's
making! What in the world are the sisters going to answer?? And they
just took all the questions so confidently and with authority and I
was always so impressed and thought, wow, I don't think I'll ever
reach that point.

But then flash forward to this lesson, and also the other ones we had
yesterday and it suddenly dawned on me how the spirit is able to work
through Sister Leonard and me. And I know for a fact that that is not
from me, it's the Spirit. Because the things that Sister Leonard and I
answer are things that we've never even thought or said before, but
they are perfect for that moment.

Have a great week!

("Optimistic? Of course)

Another 5 course meal with a Schwester Dafalias!

Meat chain saw

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

He truly has a plan of peace & happiness for everyone


This week was pretty crazy. Sister Leonard and I found so many potential investigators it was crazy. Really, I've never found so many on my mission before.

One day we were going to the Bahnhof (train station) to meet the Wels sisters after a series of events that made them lose something and Sister Leonard lost her tablet and it was all very complicated and annoying and to make matters worse, I arrive at Hauptbahnhof and realize that my companion wasn't with me anymore or even on the tram I was on. Haha so I stand there and wait, hoping she'll find some way to call me since I have the phone and suddenly this guy comes up to me and asks me if I'm Italian. Hahaha but don't worry he wasn't flirting! He was super cool and is trying to figure out with his girlfriend in what religion they want to raise the child they're expecting. He's Muslim and she's Catholic and he just has a bunch of questions about Christianity. Super pumped to meet up with him again. And don't worry, Sister Leonard found her way back to me before the conversation with the guy was even through, so we weren't separated for too long.

The next day I made a really dumb transportation mistake that made it so that we would miss our appointment with a less active member and suddenly had a solid two hours of finding. But it really was amazing because we ended up find so many people in just that short time.

I wish I could write all about the people I meet, that come from all over the world, some from really really horrific circumstances. I wish I could write about every single time Sister Leonard and I are able to just sit there and listen to them tell about their stories and also about their faith, or lack there of. I wish you could really be there when Sister Leonard and I are able to testify, really with this incredible spirit that just fills the whole room with silence, and peace and joy and this undeniable feeling that God is real. It's incredible. But I have to respect people's privacy a bit, and most of the time, you just have to be there.

One family for example: while sister Leonard was ringing on the doorbells of this apartment building, I went up and talked to this lady walking down the street. I think I startled her a bit haha. She told me she was on her way to work but I asked her if we could share a message about God with her when she is home. She didn't want to tell me her name and just kind of waved me off saying she lived on the 7th floor of the building there.

Well we went back and looked for her, twice, and found her! Turns out she's super super sweet, from Romania and, she just can barely speak any German. After some awkward attempts to communicate with her and explain who we were she finally just let us in. She has a son, about our age, who spoke some English that he's learned from League of Legends haha. Instead of using the words "they" or "she" or "it", he always says "he" so that was a bit confusing, but other than that he more or less translated what we were saying to his mom. 
They have only been here a few months and have barely anything, thankfully she found a part time job, but their apartment was gross and tiny and it broke my heart. The son had an accident 10 years ago that stunted his growth and really just broke all his dreams of playing the saxophone and studying in college and being an athlete. Now all he does all day is smoke and play league of legends while his mom works for them.

Heartbreaking, really really heartbreaking, but we were able to talk to them a bit and plan on going back next week with more Romanian church reading material. Haha when we asked when we could come back, both of them looked shocked and said, What!? You want to come back?? Ok!! Why?? Haha "Because we love you! And God loves you! And we have so much to explain to you and that will help you!!" ....although the boy really isn't a good translator because from all of that, all he translated was, "She said that she loves you." And then I think the mom got a bit creeped out and scooted further away from me on the couch haha.

So this experience along with many many others, opens my eyes so much to the world and what a horrific place it can be. And even more my eyes are opened to the fact that God is real and He is leading us and all of His willing children to those that are seeking for Him. He truly has a plan of peace and happiness for everyone, whether that plan is to be fulfilled now or in the next life.

Have a wonderful week!

From Linz with <3

Last Pday was a spontaneous little day trip with Sheila our best friend/investigator, but mostly just friend :)
Pöstlingberg view over Linz

Pöstlingberg selfies.

I'm gonna get hair like this when I get back. 

Had Zone training in Salzburg again

Sister Leonard was super distracted by the snowflakes that stuck and stayed in my hair while we were dooring. Haha seriously like every single day this week, multiple times a day I hear, " Sister Lehmann! You have a snowflake in your hair!"

"Sister Lehmann!!  You look like the abominable Snowman!" Thank you Sister Leonard :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So many absolutely beautiful things too!

Hey there!

I had a great birthday week! Started off with an exchange with Sister
Williams in Salzburg which went super super well. Unfortunately two
appointments fell through and it was freezing and snowing but we decided
to go street contacting and it was amazing! We found 4 really cool
people. Miracles always happen on exchanges.

The next day was also super cool when we visited an "eternal investigator" 
named Rozi. She doesn't want to get baptized but she loves the church and the
missionaries and is always giving people Books of Mormon haha. Well,
she happened to have a guy from Serbia visiting her and he started
asking us some questions and we told him about the restoration and he 
was so excited! We took a picture together haha...

There were really a lot of miracles this week but unfortunately I can't write all of them.  But here are some:

-Went by a guy who said we could come back another time. His wife was there and told us that they actually had no interest which was super super disappointing, but we kept talking with her I don't even remember what and then she invited us in for tea! She had no interest but her 14 year old daughter was super cool and nice and asking us all these questions saying, "I really just wish I knew if God was there and why we're even here!" Haha Sister Leonard and I were so excited. We're really praying for her that she prays and does the things we suggested she do to find answers.

-Yes, it is very very cold, about -5 degrees Celsius but we're doing ok. I just wear about five leggings and tights and all my sweaters and 2 pairs of thick songs and we look very mismatchy and funny right now haha. One investigator canceled our appointment cause he said it's too cold outside... that was sad.

-Went dooring and it was time to go home but we really had the feeling we should go to their last building. Well, turns out members lived there hahaha. Thank goodness the Schwester said, "Hallo! Sisters!" Before we could make fools of ourselves trying to do one of our dooring approaches haha. It was great! We'd never met these members before and we were able to share a spiritual thought and it was great!

-Last miracle I have time for today, I can't write too much but we've started meeting with this really nice man with a strong alcohol addiction. We met with him a couple times already and it's been really incredible. He said he would come to church on Sunday but the meeting started and he wasn't there... I called him up to see where he was and he told us he was at home and didn't want to come because he had drunk a lot the whole night and didn't want everyone in the church to smell the booze. I told him the people wouldn't care and so he should come anyway and he did! It was so so wonderful. He obviously smelled pretty strongly but no one in the ward cared. So many people came up to talk to him and he was glowing at the end of church. He came up to me and Sister Leonard and said, "I did not know the people would all be like this! They are all so nice!" I'm so glad he had such a wonderful experience. 

Just a nice thought a member said to us this week: How cool is it that Heavenly Father didn't just create things like food or wood or stone for practical things, but he also created so many absolutely beautiful things too! Just to make us happy. Like flowers for example. They're not a big thing but they're just there to bring us more joy, to make our lives here on earth sweeter. I love that thought. I imagine there are lots of little details in all our lives that we don't really notice too much but that Heavenly Father gives us because He knows it will make us happy :)

That's all for this week! 

Love you all! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

God Qualifies Us

Hey everybody!

This week was great! Haha I say that every week, but it's true!

Visited the two oldest members in this ward, both 93 years old! That
was fabulous. They were seriously the most positive and happy 93-year
olds I´d ever met. Most of the time when we meet older people, in and
out of the church, they tend to be very negative and, with nothing to
do, complaining about how terrible the world is and on.... It's nice
to try to cheer them up but most of the time we leave feeling more
weighed down than uplifted, but not with Schwester Prindl and
Schwester Freidelstorfer! Both of them just glowed with the light of
Christ. They were so beautiful! I loved how Schwester Prindl talked
about how Himmlischer Vater has just done so much for her in her life.
Schwester Freidelstorfer told us how the other day, she went to go
visit another older lady in the ward (haha but still probably a good
10 years younger than her) and asked her if she needed her help with
anything. How great is that! Turns out, she does a lot for her
grandkids and neighbors and refugees. She said she went to the gas
station to see if she could buy a greeting card for someone and she
realized she only had 1.80 in her purse! She laughed as she said, I'm
starting the new year with only 1.80! She has few possessions in her
house, only the things that are most beautiful, but really, it was the
most beautiful old little apartment. It showed someone who was neat
and clean and also knew that her worldly possessions are not what's
most important in her life.

The best was when she told us that she'll sometimes visit people in 
elderly homes and then she was like, "I'm going to sound dumb
saying this, but I don't like old people!" Hahaha
But then she was like, "No really! They just sit around and tell you
the same stories over and over and I don't want to be mean and tell
them that they've already told me that story!" Plus, she studied
drawing, art and hat-making, so we were great friends :)

Sister Leonard and I are doing well though. It's cool to look back and
see how much you've grown in an area and with a companion. We didn't
have any amazing miracle finding stories I don't think, but everyday,
we meet people and are able to bear personal testimony to them that
God knows them and loves them. Most people don't care, or maybe they
do but they just don't say so, I don't know. Sometimes I just go
around doing this work and it just feels normal but then I take a step
back and look at what I'm ACTUALLY doing and it's awesome! It takes
guts to do it too haha! But it's worth it. And God qualifies us very
young and inexperienced children to be His disciples and missionaries.
So that's pretty cool :)

Have a great week!

Last Monday, last day of Christmas in Austria with the Vogl family...

The 24th, I finally got the pictures....
(remember, we had Raclette AND Fondue in one night....)

New Year's. The Vogl's love us apparently so we got invited over again. And the dress code was wearing your pajama's. We ate Raclette again :) and a bunch of ice cream for dessert.
Haha we had to be home at 10pm but it was almost a New Years party! Wulli, Emilian and I were drawing dragons all night so it was great fun.
Here we want:
-to buy nothing.
-to spend nothing.
-to not change our religion.
-we are insured.
-and our bills are payed.
so: BYE!