Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Open mic meeting

Hey there!

Another crazy week in Schaffhausen! But also really good.

Some highlights:

-Michaela, the mentally handicapped member in our ward told us on Saturday that she really wanted to bear her testimony in sacrament meeting but that she was scared and didn't know what to say. Sister Bécsi told her that she could go up with her and ask her questions to help you know what to answer or bear testimony about. And she did just that! It was so great. I was so proud of Sister Bécsi too. Her German and all around confidence has just gotten so much better and it's wonderful to see. 

-The Köhlers, My mission President and his wife made a surprise visit to us in our branch and that was also a blessing! See, we invited this lady to come to church and she totally came! She had no interest to meet with us personally but said that she would like to visit a church service. It went really really well. It was fast and testimony meeting, aka, open mic for whoever wants to share, which not going to lie can be very scary for missionaries when they bring someone new to church. You're never quite sure what the people may say :) but it went great. Especially when Sister Kohler shared her testimony. The lady even started crying next to me it touched her so much.

Ok kind of short, but hope that everyone's doing well!

Made a lemon meringue pie at Sister Bécsi's request

Hiking last pday

The cutest little injured bird we found  one night and brought to the vet the next day. Kept trying to fly away and ran into the wall kinda sad

My favorite flower absolutely everywhere seriously makes my day I tell you what

Cane (pronounced shannay) and Schwester Bilge made us delicious dinner and a lot of dessert

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