Monday, July 25, 2016


Hope everyone had a great week! Yesterday was Pioneer day, Sister Eden
reminded me, which is very exciting so I hope everyone had a great
pioneer day haha. 
Our week was good! Once again, started it off with a lovely Pday in the Alps, namely Oeschinen Lake. Quite lovely, as usual.

A couple of the highlights this past week:

-We were dooring with no success and then suddenly in one appartment
building, 4 people in a row were super nice and invited us to come
back to share more! That was so great. Haha it's moments like these
when Sister Eden and I look at eachother and say '....Whoa....what
just happened.' Haha it's awesome.

-I don't know if you remember one of our investigators from last time
I was here in Solothurn, Karyna is her name, but yeah the missionaries
weren't able to meet with her at all while I was in Burgdorf, and then
while I've been here again she's just been super busy. I was praying a
lot about her and how we could meet with her, cause she really wants
to meet, just has a lot on her plate, and then I had the thought that
we should just invite her to church, see if she could have a chance to
do that while her kids are still out of town living with their dad for
the month. And she texted us back and said Yes! And she did come! It
was so great. It was a great meeting, the ward was super nice, and she
liked it. That was really a miracle.

That's all for this week! Things are going great here. Sister Eden and
I have bonded quite well mostly cause we laugh and stupid stuff and we
are both clumsy. And also because her skin is peeling from sunburns
and my arms have huge mosquito bites all over them so we both look
sickly and gross. 
So yeah Solothurn is great!

Hope everyone is doing well!
-Sister Lehmann

New comp

Old comp

This is Ken, a new convert in the ward, and his sons Shadrack and Joshua. He's so cool, we love him.

A little family home evening we planned with Ken and the Heiniger family in the ward.
Spotted: Sister Eden vandalizing, drawing the Plan of Salvation with some abandoned chalk.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello everybody!

This week was really fabulous. I wish I could write about it all but
I'll keep it down to just a couple miracles that we had:

-First off Pday, as always, so fun. Got to go to Thun and do a little
shopping site seeing there with Sister Eden, and we met up with Sister
Tauche and her new cool Finnish companion Sister Multamäki.

-One day, Sister Eden and I were waiting for our train and while we
were waiting, I was making some phone calls. And I don't know what
came over me, I was paying more attention to the person I was talking
to on the phone, but I just climbed into a train that had pulled up
without noticing where it was going. And suddenly as the train rolled
out of the station, I realized we were going on a one way train to
Bern! Oh man was I peeved. And Sister Eden still is learning the
transport system and area here so she just followed me. So we went to
Bern on a lovely little time wasting detour and I said to Sister Eden,
we had better meet someone elect on our ride back to Solothurn. And we
did!! We sat by a lady and began talking to her and it was so great!
She was nice and open and gave us her number and said she'd love to
hear more. Pretty cool miracle, no? Oh! And we weren't even late to
our next appointment, another little miracle 😊

-A week or two ago I talked to this girl on the bus and she was really
cool. She already knew about the church, from different sources, one
of them being that she knew a girl in the ward. But yeah, we talked
and I gave her a card and invited her to church and to look at the
website to learn more about the church. And a couple days later she
called us!! Haha it was so funny, she called us to say that she had
been to the church website and that she wanted to know how it works to
learn more about the church and I was so bewildered I could hardly
speak haha but I was like, hey! That's our job! When can we meet!? So
we met up a couple days later (she called us to let us know she would
be there a bit early haha) and we taught her the Restoration. She had
so many questions and it was so great. Man are we excited about Lea,
she's really a miracle. That is extremely rare here in Switzerland,
let alone the fact that she's only 17. So so cool. It was funny
talking to her though, she laughed as she told me that when I first
talked to her on the bus, the lady behind me was staring at me like I
was an alien the whole time. And then when I started talking about
prayer and being on the search for truth, she said that the lady was
rolling her eyes like crazy hahaha. Whatever. It was so funny though,
after our lesson with Lea, Sister Eden and I started crying and
hugging and laughing. Not really crying, but still, we were happy.
So there's that week, just a snippet of it of course.

I read a cool scripture this week:
Alma 42:27.   "Therefore, O my son, whosoever will come may come and
partake of the waters of life freely; and whosoever will not come the
same is not compelled to come; but in the last day it shall be
restored unto him according to his deeds."
Really the greatest act of love from God is that we get to choose. He
doesn't make us do anything, he lets us choose, and although I know it
must really make him sad, even break his heart to see how some of his
children use their agency, he still lets them. That's one of the
greatest acts of love.

Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Lehmann

Monday, July 11, 2016

(July 11, 2016)

Hello hello hello

So. This week. Where do I begin. Pday perhaps?
Sister Tauche and I decided to go to the Niederhorn. It's a mountain
by Thun See. We didn't go all the way to the top, but just as far up
as we could with our Swiss Passes and then hiked a bit. And then we
rented trottinette things, like scooter bikes, and rode them all the
way down. I must say it wasn't too shabby for a pday, riding down the
mountain with a view of the alps and the lake. Hahaha it was AMAZING.

Then later in the week was transfers! All the missionaries in
Switzerland meet in Zurich to get new companions. We went there and I
met my new companion Sister Eden! She's from Brigham City, one of the
lucky Americans who get a taste of Switzerland for 2 transfers. She's
been on her mission a year now.

Later that evening in Zurich the Mormon Tabernacle choir was there and
we got to go to their concert. It was so cool! The choir hasn't been
here since 1991 so all the members in Switzerland were so excited. We
came home super super late but it was worth it.

And then the work in Solothurn began!
We're in the same apartment as before so unpacking meant putting all my
same things in the same places haha. And now I'm having to show Sister
Eden around and it's really weird. I feel like I'm training, but she's
been out way longer than me. Anyway, I'm surprised at how much I've
been able to remember so that's nice! We have some of the same
investigators but a lot more than before since we're getting all the
Elders' investigators too. We had to spend the first part of our week
doing areabook inside work, which I find so frustrating. Finally
though on Saturday we really got to be outside the whole day and it
was awesome. We got so many new potentials and talked to so many
people it was awesome. Really the thing that puts me in a bad mood is
when we don't get to talk to people, when we have a lot of inside
planning, but then when we go out side and talk to people, it feels so
much more fulfilling.
That's all for this week so far I think!

Oh wait! I keep forgetting to answer the question as to how the EM (Euro Cup)
has been/had been affecting our work. Haha it was so funny. The entire
time Switzerland was still in the running, the streets and houses
would be completely empty but then you'd walk by a bar or cafe where
they had the game on and that's where the whole town was. One time we
had an appointment with someone and we came over and they told us to
come back later cause their country was playing. And we were like, but
we had an appointment, and they were just smiling and nodding saying,
"yeah yeah that's nice, but the game is playing." Haha. No big deal we
just traveled 45 minutes just to get to you. Another time we had
another really great discussion with a guy while dooring and even
though he didn't want to meet us again we invited him to pray tonight
to try it out, he quite seriously said, "oh no, I can't do that.
Tonight's the game." I mean I understand the guy, you know? Finding
out for yourself that God is really there or watching the game, it's a
pretty obvious choice!

Have a great week!
-Sister Lehmann

We took an ice cream and lawn chair break on our way down.

And then my last day with Sister Tauche right before the concert. 

And our investigators Rita came to the concert too so I just had to take a picture with her.

Haha and the sad part is Sister Eden and I have no good pictures together. They're all bad quality eating selfies.

(July 4, 2016)

Hello hello hello!

This week was really wonderful, but why don't I start off with the
biggest news: I'm getting transferred back to Solothurn! Haha to
answer the question you're probably wondering, no, this is not normal.
When Sister Tauche and I left Solothurn, there were still Elders
there, but our mission's running low on Elders at the moment, so
they're taking the Elders out of Solothurn and putting a Sister
companionship in. And I'm going back with a new companion.
I didn't think I'd be so upset leaving Burgdorf! I've only been here 5
weeks but I love it here. The members here are so great. Sister Tauche
and I were really starting to find people to teach. When I first came
here I was nervous and kind of upset, convinced that an area with lots
of small towns and villages would be tough and not amount to too much,
but I take that all back now. Even if they are few, even if there's
only one, there is always someone who will listen and who is ready.
Also really sad to leave Sister Tauche. She's getting a new Golden
though, a missionary fresh from the MTC! We learned and grew so much
together. Yesterday as we went out finding together and spoke with
people, as far from perfect as it was, it suddenly dawned on me how
much we've improved, from the first days finding in Solothurn to now.
That was really a blessing that I suddenly recognized our progress.
Some highlights from this week:

-talked to a lady in the street--an extremely normal looking lady--
and she started laughing at us saying," you gals got the wrong person!
You don't have to worry about me, I've already been saved! I'm a
prophet!" And then she talked about all her prophetic gifts and a lot
more and then after long rant said, "well this has been an inspiring
conversation, let's leave one another with a prayer." And then she
said this long African chant and started talking to God and prophesied
that we would dream of Jesus tonight. Unfortunately  I did not dream
of Jesus but it was an interesting conversation.

- Met an old lady while dooring this week. She was awesome. She was
Swiss and tiny and old and wore this awesome crocheted Jamaican
looking bubble hat and literally had skin crumble away as she
scratched an itch but was so happy and open with us. We asked her if
we could teach her, even if she didn't have an interest, so we could
practice since we didn't have the opportunity to teach anyone that
day. So we did! I have never in my life beheld an old woman, no I take
that back, a SWISS, who was so open to our message. She loved it! But
unfortunately told us she is far to old to convert. It was really
beautiful though when we started talking about Christ she began to
cry. She told us how it breaks her heart every time to talk about
Christ, considering all that he did for us and how many people in the
world don't even know or care. That was really incredible hearing her
testify of her love for Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong.

-And then also his week, Sister Tacuhe and I tried teaching more of
our missionary lessons to members we were visiting. That was amazing.
We really don't get too many opportunities to teach so it's really
nice to practice. Also as we spoke, Sister Tauche and I bore testimony
and taught clearly and simply together. It was wonderful and
incredible to see how even though the members knew it all already,
they felt the Spirit too and felt the truth of our message.
I really do have a testimony of all that we share and bear testimony
of as missionaries is true. I love it. I LOVE it. My heart is so full
of gratitude for the knowledge I have and for the marvelous privilege
I have to share it.

-Sister Lehmann

This is Tülay. From the Burgdorf ward. Haha I don't know where to begin to describe her so I'll leave it at that.
And the Hahn couple, our ward missionaries :)

And we had to go through Solothurn for a second there for a connecting train. Sister Tauche was happy to go back through her home area.