Wednesday, May 24, 2017

God provides little miracles

This week was cool. 

Saturday was pretty crazy. We went to Bad Säckingen to do some District finding. That went well. Well, for the rest of the district :) After a long while of finding, sister Becsi and I said a little prayer for the last thirty minutes and we found someone! She was really cool. We'll see if that amounts to anything. We gave her number to the other Sisters. She told us that she's Jewish and that means that she's part of God's chosen people. And I was like, I know! I read about you all the time in the scriptures! Haha

Later though, we had to drive over to a member that lives pretty far away. We had already forgot to call and cancel our appointment the week before so I was feeling really badly and wanted to make sure to be extra punctual. But then all the roads had to go and be closed. It was so so frustrating I tell you what; we had to make so many u turns and detours for all these randomly closed roads. Our GPS was going crazy trying to reroute for us but nothing seemed to work out. We ended up being a solid 45 minutes late and to make matters worse our phone wasn't working so we couldn't even call to warn her. The whole time I was just praying and saying, "God, why is this not working out?" 

Well we get there but first let me give some background on Michaela. She has Down Syndrome and is so so sweet and funny. She has really great German and I always take notes because she uses the best words. Like the other week it was hilarious. We asked her if she had the opportunity to serve someone that week. She had to think about that for a little bit and then finally said, "Well I don't know if it counts but I posted a comment on facebook the other week and said, "Alle Elders auf der ganzen Welt sind kanner süß." ---"All Elders around the world are ...haha how do you translate kanner .... are super adorable" hahaha sister Bécsi and I were laughing super hard and then I was like, um yeah? I think that counts as service. You are complimenting someone. It works! So this is Michaela.

So we get there super late and she's sitting on her bed and we rush to give her a big hug, apologizing profusely and she just starts crying and crying. Oh man I felt so badly but then she started explaining herself. She said that she had just been with her roommate in town and they had just got back about 10 minutes ago. She said that she had been begging her roommate to go back home because she knew we were coming, but her roommate wouldn't listen. She told us that she was crying in town, thinking of us standing in front of her door not knowing what to do...

That was so so cool for me. I mean, God really was looking after his daughter Michaela there. She had been so sad and worried, and He made us nice and late so that everything worked out. 

My testimony was strengthened that God provides us little miracles like this for his children. He loves Michaela so much and knew what she needed and provided it for her!

Have a great week!

Last pday running into my beloved Sister Tauche...

Raclette in our bedroom cause the power goes out when we try to eat it in the kitchen

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