Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Life with a Car

Hey hey hey!

Great week here in Schaffhausen, things are moving forward!
We found 3 new investigators in the last little bit. Well, almost 4,
but then he ended up being creepy so that's not happening anymore. But
the other ones are cool! 

We found a nice mother from Lithuania with
the cutest family. Apparently her husband is a world famous handball
player. Sister Bécsi even recognized him and was pumped because he
played on the national Hungarian team for a while haha so that's cool!

Found another nice and super talkative lady who went off on some wild
tangents and made Sister Bécsi laugh the whole lesson. It was
funny, I kept looking over at Sister Bécsi and thinking she was
getting emotional but then I realized she was just desperately trying
to hold her laughter in. At one point, actually no, twice, my companion
really had to leave the room because she couldn't contain it.

And the last person was a Swiss man that loves the Bible and was really
interested to learn more about the Book of Mormon. I don't think
that's ever happened on my mission. Like ever. And while we were
showing him Moroni 10:3-5, he rummaged through his bag to find his
highlighter to underline it!  So that was cool. That has never
happened. Genuinely interested people are the best! We look forward to
meeting him again this week.

Another fun fact about Schaffhausen, WE HAVE A CAR.
So on the train ride over here from Austria, I was going on my usual
complaining rant that no sisters in the mission have access to a car.
Then someone said,
"What? I heard there was an area that opened up and now Sisters have a car."
"What area is that??"
"I think it's Schaffhausen in Switzerland."
".....wait. I'M going to Schaffhausen!! What?!?"

So yeah. I get here and it turns out the Elders and Sisters share a
car here now. But the elders here had to be emergency transferred out
so it's just me and Sister Bécsi which means we get the car all to
ourselves!! It's been great! Well, except for the fact that the Elders
left us an empty gas tank, a week later we got an email saying that we
had to change to winter tires back to the summer ones, and then last
night one of the head lights went out. Haha so yeah. That was
fabulous. But we're all good. Driving in Europe is way fun. A little
scary for not having driven in over a year but that's ok. I'm good now

Have a great week!! Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!!

Pday with the Singen Sisters in a cute German town I can't remember the name of right now...

Seeing sister Lundgreen from the MTC again!

Boden See

Boden See 2

Thank you mom for the taco seasoning giving us some 10/10 tacos

Silvia, me, and Sandro, the coolest members ever. Sandro was work colleagues with Silvia right after his mission and he introduced her to the church. He was in your mission at the same time as you mom. Do you remember him?

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