Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's a Wonderful Work

This week has been pretty crazy but way good.

So I just got Sister Fullwood and things are great! I figured my good luck with companions would have run its course and this last comp would be a nightmare or something. Turns out she's super cool, super motivated to work, we're already besties, and have seen so many miracles together. She's from England and proud to be English haha so that's fun.

We were discussing the different investigators we have and baptismal dates and we're able to set someone on date for baptism again this week too! Things are definitely picking up. Also, all the investigators that I was starting to lose hope on had done their reading assignments and really increased their faith! Couldn't be happier. 

The other day we were finding in the street and I noticed this lady looking at us while we were talking to someone, and smiled. I asked Sister Fullwood about it later and she was like, eh, nah, she was smiling at someone behind us. We kept finding, had to go to different appointments and stuff but then at the end of the day had some time to do street contacting again. We finished a conversation with someone and suddenly hear, "SISTERS!!!" And there are two American tourists chasing us. Haha turns out they'd been trying to stop us all day but couldn't catch us. And I'm serious, it was all day, first at 9 in the morning is when she first emailed, and then 18:00 when they finally found us again. They laughed and said, alright alright, let us guess, you're French and the Senior companion....And you're English and new on the mission.

Haha we both laughed. Told them I was American, but I guess I have French mannerisms, I don't know. And for the record, Sister Fullwood, DID talk, even if I was a bit of the dominating senior companion.... the guy was drunk and had slurred German so a bit difficult to understand. 

So yeah, great week this week and things are looking up! I tell you what, I'm going to miss this job, being able to bear testimony to people all day. It's a wonderful work.

First pic together, realizing we haven't taken any pictures the first week.
Sister Fullwood in Zürich

Me and Sister Fullwood in Zürich

Monday, July 17, 2017


Hey hey hey 

Wow what a week. 

Well, as I said before, Sister Bécsi was injured and so we had to lay it low this week but we were still blessed. One night I really had the feeling that we should visit this one lady in our ward. I had the feeling Monday night actually, but there was really no way for us to get there in the time frame between appointments and what not. So finally on Wednesday, we were at the church, Sister Bécsi with her feet elevated, and we were practicing some lessons and then I said, Sister Bécsi, we have to go! We have to go visit Alba! She thought I was crazy haha. But really, there was a picture of Alba on the wall there and I felt like she was looking into my soul so we went.  

And she wasn't home!! Like what?? Oh I was mad. Sister Bécsi was probably madder. So we thought, ok, there's a reason why we're here! So we went and rang through the neighboring apartment building. Nothing. 

Then a man came up to the door, just coming home from work. He probably wouldn't have talked to us if we weren't blocking the door. He tried shooing us off saying he already knows all about us Jehova Witnesses haha... well we jumped in and told him who we were and had a great conversation! He's quite set on staying Muslim but gladly took a free Book of Mormon :) just as we were going to leave, he said, "hey, you know what, I have a friend that would like to hear about this. She recently converted to Christianity." And he gave us her address! Well I tell you what that's the first time I've ever seen that on my mission! 

Another miracle was having 4 people come to church on Sunday! Haha the best part was that only 10 members were there so they made us a much larger group with the people we invited. I really gained a testimony of the importance of people coming to church. All of them later told us the many different things they learned, and liked, and felt. I know that when we go to church, the Lord blesses us with personal revelation. These people experienced things that we didn't know they needed, but the Lord did, and he blessed them for making the effort of waking up early and coming.   

By way of announcement, Sister Bécsi is leaving me this week :'( and I'm getting a new comp....a new missionary! I'm training again! Hahaha oh man. 

Have a great week! Tschüss.

Not the only injured one at Zone Konferenz. 

Andrea and Hannah, super sweet friends of ours here. New members of the church.


The famous Michaela who loves all Elders in the whole world because they're so "adorable". 


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Schön Juli; Schon Juli

Hey! This week was great!

Pday last week was a fun hike on Haldi. So pretty. We cut it pretty close though and had to sprint all the way back to the lift otherwise we would miss our other connections. Sister Bécsi kind of hated me but I really didn't want to be late! Pretty much the same story every time we hike on pday though haha :)

We had a couple new appointments with people set up and that was great! One of the guys is from Geneva so we taught him in French. Sandro helped us out which I was super grateful for. He served his mission with Mom and still has great French, WAY better than me haha so I was glad he was there.

We actually had the opportunity to teach a lot of people the restoration this week and it was so so nice. That's when you feel like you're really doing your job! Even if people don't accept it, it was nice that they at very least allowed us to share it :)

We've been doing a lot of street contacting and I just was feeling done with that finding method this week haha. It was great though, we got into a random bus and talked to people there and then when both us had finished our conversations we got out and then did an apartment building of dooring and then headed back. It was nice to just shake things up. And we totally find someone! For like the third time in my whole mission we knocked on someone's door and got to teach them a lesson right then. We sat outside and taught him and that was cool. Saturday was our stake soccer activity. Haha at church on Sunday the branch president talked about the sport day the day before and said, "for the first time in about 10 years, Schaffhausen has been able to participate in the stake sport day because of our secret weapon: the Sisters.

Hahaha. What he should have said was, "we lucked out, each team needs to have at least 2 woman on the field at a time and the sisters were nice enough to play cause no other women in the ward would have." We didn't win, definitely not, but it was still super fun. 

But also bad cause Sister Becsi got injured and we're kind of immobile at the moment cause it hurts her so bad. I have to keep changing her bandages and putting on ointment and ice packs, it's great. I feel like Jesus cleaning the disciples feet a bit. It's a great feeling when you put it in those terms!

Yesterday was probably the biggest blessing though. There were two super cool brothers visiting from Belgium for the weekend. They shared great testimonies and after church we talked for a while. They went on for probably for a good half hour going back and forth talking about how much they loved their missions. They both are dads now, but still have their name tags on the inside of their suit coats! They just talked so fondly about their missions and explained how the feeling of angels being round about you might become unnoticeable as you go on your mission. But as soon as your released as a missionary, you will immediately feel the absence of the angels that really were always there. I find that so interesting. It was a good reminder for me that the promises the Lord makes to missionaries, especially in doctrine and covenants, are REAL.

Have a great week!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

91 years old, no reading glasses!

The days are just flying by, it's pretty crazy.

Started off the week with a nice temple trip where we happened to run into a bunch of Sisters so that was fun :)

We got to visit a nice lady in our ward again, her name is Schwester Pitriboni. She's 91 years old and is just so healthy and happy haha. The lady doesn't even need reading glasses! She can't hear super well though, so you just have to speak up. Sister Bécsi has her Hungarian accent and is kind of soft spoken so every time she tries saying something, Schwester Pitriboni looks at me and says, "She's really sweet but I have no idea what she's saying."

We've been visiting a nice Malaysian family that has a restaurant in town and have been able to share the Book of Mormon with them. They invited us for lunch on Sunday and it was so yummy. They're also Muslim, so Sunday was their end of Ramadan celebration. They didn't fast or anything, so it wasn't anything big, but later the mom showed us how she prays. First how she cleans herself and puts on the white clothing and then the rather active praying. Super interesting and cool to learn about all kinds of cultures. 

Pray for us this week! We have a lot of appointments set up with new people so hopefully they'll work out...
Have a great week! 

Temple trip

Couple weeks ago with Sister Jones...

This week was our mission wide deep clean all the apartments day. We had to send these pics to our mission President. (Delphine, tu vois ton dessin dans le coin là? ;) )

Apfelkuchen mit Silvia
Cleaning the empty Elders apartment for them with Silvia...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Avoiding Groundhog Day


Had our very last Zone Conference with President and Sister Kohler this week and that was sad. They gave great talks though. I've really been so blessed to have both of them my whole mission. They have just been incredible examples to me of how I want to be when I'm older. 
Also got to see Sister Jones again which also made me so happy. I hadn't seen her since her first transfer, so it's so amazing to see how much she's changed and grown!

I had an exchange with Sister Cullimore in Luzern which was beautiful. We also got to go there a couple days before for p-day so I'll include those pictures...

We had a really fun ward activity on Friday too! 
I woke up the other day this week and a thought came to me, "This feels like Groundhog Day". Haha it doesn't help that my companion has the exact same efy song set as an alarm clock every single morning. Haha jk, it's not really that bad, but a missionary has to be careful and not let the mission become like that. That's why the activity was good though. Sister Bécsi and I are trying to stay creative and think of new things we can do. So we planned this activity a couple weeks ago and went by every single member in the ward giving them an invitation and another one to give to a friend to invite. 
It went well! We had two investigators come and there were friends of members there and practically the whole ward came! Which is good, cause if one family doesn't come, then we're a very small crowd. 
The initial plan had been soccer but the ward kept making comments so we decided to plan some activities and games and grill. And even though no one wanted to before, we got to organize a fun little soccer game. 

We also had the challenge to shake hands with and greet 25 people every single day which may not seem that hard but that's quite a bit. It went well though and we did it! We even shook hands with and introduced ourselves to the people who told us they didn't have time or weren't interested and they always had this expression of surprise when we still made sure to shake their hand and wish them a good day. It was fun:) Made sure to wash our hands very thoroughly at the end of the day though haha 

Oh and Pa, yes I saw Tour de Suisse while it was in Schaffhausen. Lots of people were in the town so that was good for us, but there was also no buses running so we had to walk quite a bit to get everywhere. 

That's all, have a great week!




Her zodiac sign is a lion

Luzern eating beet and cinnamon ice cream sorbet...


Last pic with the Kohler's...  Haha every time someone asked President Kohler if he was tired, his response was always a peppy, "Only for the last three years!"


All my mission sisters.... we all were trained by Sister Tauche!
Comp sleeping in a member's car

Ward activity...

Monday, June 12, 2017

Seeds do grow!

This week was really great!

-I had a talk on Sunday. Don't know why I was nervous about it haha, there were only 15 people there. But it went well! I think it was just a really great exercise for me to see how much my testimony and understanding of the gospel has grown. 

-We also lucked out and were asked to give the Relief Society class! Haha it went great though. I'm really grateful for the opportunities I've had on the mission to just be able to teach people, members or investigators. I love being able to boldly testify to people. I was thinking about it though and it dawned on me that that's something that might be very special and unique to being a missionary right now,  yet I'm still so grateful that I get to do it.  

-Have I talked about the man that we've been teaching that studies theology? He was on vacations for the past couple weeks so I haven't had much to say about him but yeah, that's going well. He finds it all very interesting but isn't such a fan of us bearing testimony of the truth of what we're saying. But we do it anyway. The Holy Ghost is what converts us, not the facts.
Fun fact. Apparently when you study theology in Switzerland, you automatically are a certified pastor for the Reformed Church, the national church. I didn't even realize this for a month. And then I asked him if he has his own church where he gives sermons and stuff and he totally does! Haha I'm just glad I didn't know this when we started teaching him, I think I would have freaked out and felt intimidated. But he's way cool and asks great questions that we somehow are able to answer. Jk, not somehow, we all know how :) there's no way we could do it without God's help. 
Invited him to come to church but unfortunately he couldn't. He was bummed that he couldn't come I'm pleased to say. Haha he said he really wanted to hear my "sermon". :)

-The lady that came to church last week is so great! Turns out she's watched the whole  Joseph Smith movie, and was even quoting some parts she remembered from it to us. It was a really spiritual lesson and we look forward to teaching her again.

-Talked to a lady on the bus and I'm so glad I did! I started by just complimenting her on her sunglasses and asked her where she got them and stuff. They were really cool! And then she takes them off and hands them to me! I felt so embarrassed but she was seriously so nice. Looking into her eyes was like looking into Jesus's eyes I'm not kidding, she just had that glow, you know? But she also looked sad. Turns out she knows the church but has had a really sad past with religious institutions in general and is going through a divorce and has 3 jobs and says now is not the time. I hope we see her again though. She was really lovely. 

-Updates on Linz Österreich!!---ok so since I've been gone, Asghar, the way cool Iranian guy we started teaching got baptized! And guess who baptized him.... KAIS!! (The guy Sister Frenkel and I got to baptize with his wife together.) Isn't that just beautiful? It's really a chain reaction. The first Iranian family in Linz invited Kais and Huda and then baptized them, then Kais and Huda invited Asghar and Kais baptized so cool.) I was also so happy to hear that some others my comps and I found together are also progressing and showing some great potential. Great to know that some of the seeds we plant really do grow!

Have a great week!

Kohler's visit last week at church
The new shades
Asghar' baptism ❤️️
Sister St. Laurent
Switzerland why are you so beautiful.
Stein am Rhein last Pday, just about made my life so pretty.