Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Keep it Simple

It was a great week. A couple cool experiences.
Last Pday for example! We had fun with our District going up to Rigi.
It was freezing because we were up in a cloud, but that's ok. All good
fun. I totally recogized it though from the time we had a family
reunion there!

Well, Pday ended and we went out finding, which wasn't the easiest in
the pouring rain haha. We started knocking one some doors but nothing
was happening. I felt like we weren't where we needed to be. Sister
Becsi and I prayed for inspiration to know where to go. As we prayed,
I felt like we should keep walking down the street where we were going
and talk to the next people we see.

Well the next people we see are three very big men standing outside of
a shop drinking and smoking. Haha. So we talked to them! Well, I had
to talk to them, because they only spoke English. It was a pretty
terrible conversation, with them kind of arguing and getting pretty
heated about organized religion and the state the world is in and all
this kind of stuff. I really couldn't even get a word in and we were
there forever. Finally though, one of them noticed my quiet companion
and asked where she was from. When they heard her tell them Hungary,
in her broken German, all of them got really quiet. One of them was
like, "Whoa, that really touched my heart." And then they started
getting all talkative again saying, "You go girl! You go serve your
mission! You go serve the Lord!" Hahaha

It has actually really been a blessing for me to work with Sister
Becsi. She has a really hard time with German, and speaks absolutely
no English except for, "Oh my gosh!" and "anyway..." haha she may or
may not have gotten that from me. But the thing is it really helps all
of our conversations stay basic, slow and simple. Which is exactly
what we need in order to feel the Spirit. I've seen phrases as simple
as "God is our loving Heavenly Father." really invite the Spirit when
we talk to someone on the street and I'm so grateful that being with
Sister Becsi is forcing me to keep it simple. This whole plan from God
really is so simple and beautiful.

There were many other great experiences, but never enough time to
write them all :)

Have a great week!

Ok so I keep forgetting to include this picture. But this is Steffi Mayer. She's the greatest. She's in Linz ward and was my fello alto singer in the choir. She also is the ward's designated tissue box. Haha let me explain. She sits on the front row in church every Sunday and whenever the speaker cries, or even begins to sound emotional, you can count on Steffi Mayer to go up and hand the person a tissue. Haha. Well, as we were saying our goodbyes I told her how much I love her dress and it always makes my day when she wears it to church. She immediately matter of factly replied, oh well, it's yours. You can have it. I obviously refused, but she refused even more and was like, come to my house tomorrow afternoon and I will give it to you with some chocolate I've been meaning to give the missionaries. This dress is from 1960. Isn't that amazing. Oh my goodness. I was feeling bad but then she reminded me how old she is now and doesn't have too much longer to live and that her dress deserves to live on longer. :)

Oh and this is something else Steffi gave me. Apparently she was in the newspaper with Patrick Swayze a little before he passed away.
Rigi with the district.

Super super windy.

Quick walk around Zurich before the end of pday

Someone in the district caught a pic of us during district finding. As you can see I'm testifying with my heart. Hahaha

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