Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's a Wonderful Work

This week has been pretty crazy but way good.

So I just got Sister Fullwood and things are great! I figured my good luck with companions would have run its course and this last comp would be a nightmare or something. Turns out she's super cool, super motivated to work, we're already besties, and have seen so many miracles together. She's from England and proud to be English haha so that's fun.

We were discussing the different investigators we have and baptismal dates and we're able to set someone on date for baptism again this week too! Things are definitely picking up. Also, all the investigators that I was starting to lose hope on had done their reading assignments and really increased their faith! Couldn't be happier. 

The other day we were finding in the street and I noticed this lady looking at us while we were talking to someone, and smiled. I asked Sister Fullwood about it later and she was like, eh, nah, she was smiling at someone behind us. We kept finding, had to go to different appointments and stuff but then at the end of the day had some time to do street contacting again. We finished a conversation with someone and suddenly hear, "SISTERS!!!" And there are two American tourists chasing us. Haha turns out they'd been trying to stop us all day but couldn't catch us. And I'm serious, it was all day, first at 9 in the morning is when she first emailed, and then 18:00 when they finally found us again. They laughed and said, alright alright, let us guess, you're French and the Senior companion....And you're English and new on the mission.

Haha we both laughed. Told them I was American, but I guess I have French mannerisms, I don't know. And for the record, Sister Fullwood, DID talk, even if I was a bit of the dominating senior companion.... the guy was drunk and had slurred German so a bit difficult to understand. 

So yeah, great week this week and things are looking up! I tell you what, I'm going to miss this job, being able to bear testimony to people all day. It's a wonderful work.

First pic together, realizing we haven't taken any pictures the first week.
Sister Fullwood in Zürich

Me and Sister Fullwood in Zürich

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