Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Gospel is Real and Works!


Wow what a wonder week I tell you what. Seriously so many incredible experiences and miracles, wish I could write them all...

One cool story was when we were doing street contacting and met this really sweet 18 year old girl. We talked to her for a bit, briefly explaining the Book of Mormon and then asked her if she had time for us to explain more and she said yes! So we went to the shade and took a good 20 minutes to teach her a lesson, about the first vision. Haha her boyfriend was with her and it was so funny, when we asked if she had more interest and time, he shyly shook his head no, and she energetically nodded her head yes. They looked at each other and she grabbed his arm and said, "We're going to listen to what they have to say!!" Yes ma'am! And they sure did.

She was sooo touched by it, it was absolutely incredible. She was speechless and kept saying "wow....I just don't know what to say....I have goose bumps....I don't know what to say...." and then she began to cry she was so touched.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that I only have brothers but I felt a little uncomfortable and unsure what to do or say because that was definitely a first. But thank goodness sister Fullwood has 4 sisters at home so she gave this nice stranger a hug and it was a touching moment really. 

There were many other such experiences this week where our investigators really kept their commitments and came to our meetings exclaiming the amazing spiritual experiences they had had in our time away from each other, and how the Lord answered their prayers. Do you know how good it feels to have your investigators actually converted to the Lord and not to the company of missionaries, or members? It's absolutely amazing. The gospel is REAL and it WORKS if we do the WORK that makes it WORK! 

Last thought I wanted to share was an experience we had on Saturday. 
We decided to drive a little ways to a small village where we'd found someone one time who gave us their address and number and set up an appointment. They were a cute little family. Well they texted us later canceling the appointment so we just decided to stop by. Sometimes people seeing our pretty faces is better than just texting :) She answered the door and looked soooo embarrassed and shocked to see us. "How did you get my address??" she demanded. We told her that she had given it to us... but it was all so awkward and weird. She glanced all around the empty street as if someone was watching. It was so interesting because she wasn't like furious, more just very embarrassed and acting as if we were little pests that had in some creepy way found out what her address was. We told her we just wanted come by and see if she was still interested and she kind of said some small excuses and it was all so weird. Later on, as we just began dooring around the area, we finally met one nice lady who talked to us for quite some time. She didn't recognize us as being from the same church as "those two young boys with suits and name tags that come around here every couple of years that everyone hates" until the end of our conversation. She kindly but very honestly told us that her neighbors will no doubt be talking about her and criticizing her for having spoken so long with us. She was nice though and said, "But that's so silly because you two are very nice and just have a message you want to share."

I just find it funny sometimes that people get so scared of two very young and inexperienced 20 year olds that quite honestly have no idea what they are doing. Sister Fullwood pointed out that it's the nametags. It's true. And that for me is even sadder that the name of Christ on our chest should have such a negative connotation. But that's normal. Christ and his apostles and prophets in all ages had the same problem. And someday these people will realize that we're really quite harmless and that the message we share will make them happy and change their lives forever, not because of us, but because of Jesus Christ and his loving sacrifice. 

Well, have a wonderful week. It's so beautiful and rainy here, absolutely love it. And luckily my English comp loves the rain too which makes it all the more enjoyable. Thank you for the prayers; they are definitely being answered. 

Sister Fullwood cooked us a real English dinner

Rigid again...

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