Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Invitation to do Something


This week was once again super solid and awesome. As my mother said
there was a chainsaw attack but we were in Zurich that day anyway, kind
of random and weird for Schaffhausen.  To be honest though sister
Fullwood and I weren't that worried. I feel like on your mission you
have a certain safety force field; obviously things can still happen
but for the most part God makes sure to direct his missionaries to
safety so don't worry, we're ok. 😊 

This week we had Zone conference with our new mission President.
He told us crazy statistics: 1:1000 people that missionaries
find get baptized, 1:3 that members refer and1:1.5 when a
member is present in the lesson, that really shocked me.
First of all, it shocked me that missionaries have to work so hard just for
1 baptism. Second it shocked me that we have the opportunity to baptize
1 of the 1000 in just 2 weeks. Lastly it made me think about how many
more people could be brought to know of God's love and also to make
covenants if each member invited just one friend to meet the
missionaries. In my immediate family alone according to that statistic
2 people would get baptized and be able to experience those blessings.
Food for thought. But not just food for thought, that's an invitation
to do something. 😊

Well with this in mind, sister Fullwood and I are talking about how to work
better with the members. Our mission president told us he would rather
us spend two hours earnestly working with members and their friends
then street contacting.

Well I just wanted to close with one cool story: this way cool kid
found our church online and decided to show up at church last week. He
wasn't all too ready to meet with us two but luckily we have great
members that offered to pick him up for the next Sunday, and he did
come. 😊  We actually had a lot of investigators at church this Sunday.
We may or may not have had a freak out.  JK.  We did and jumped up and
down when we got home. The amazing comments from our students in the
class included:
- one of Heavenly fathers traits is that he is grateful
- so does that mean that Jospeh smith was foreordained in the pre-
mortal life to be a prophet
- in order to develop God like qualities we must be baptized

I tell you what I could have gotten up and kissed each one of them.
God is real and this is his work and I am so grateful I get to be a part of it.

Sister Lehmann out.

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