Monday, July 17, 2017


Hey hey hey 

Wow what a week. 

Well, as I said before, Sister Bécsi was injured and so we had to lay it low this week but we were still blessed. One night I really had the feeling that we should visit this one lady in our ward. I had the feeling Monday night actually, but there was really no way for us to get there in the time frame between appointments and what not. So finally on Wednesday, we were at the church, Sister Bécsi with her feet elevated, and we were practicing some lessons and then I said, Sister Bécsi, we have to go! We have to go visit Alba! She thought I was crazy haha. But really, there was a picture of Alba on the wall there and I felt like she was looking into my soul so we went.  

And she wasn't home!! Like what?? Oh I was mad. Sister Bécsi was probably madder. So we thought, ok, there's a reason why we're here! So we went and rang through the neighboring apartment building. Nothing. 

Then a man came up to the door, just coming home from work. He probably wouldn't have talked to us if we weren't blocking the door. He tried shooing us off saying he already knows all about us Jehova Witnesses haha... well we jumped in and told him who we were and had a great conversation! He's quite set on staying Muslim but gladly took a free Book of Mormon :) just as we were going to leave, he said, "hey, you know what, I have a friend that would like to hear about this. She recently converted to Christianity." And he gave us her address! Well I tell you what that's the first time I've ever seen that on my mission! 

Another miracle was having 4 people come to church on Sunday! Haha the best part was that only 10 members were there so they made us a much larger group with the people we invited. I really gained a testimony of the importance of people coming to church. All of them later told us the many different things they learned, and liked, and felt. I know that when we go to church, the Lord blesses us with personal revelation. These people experienced things that we didn't know they needed, but the Lord did, and he blessed them for making the effort of waking up early and coming.   

By way of announcement, Sister Bécsi is leaving me this week :'( and I'm getting a new comp....a new missionary! I'm training again! Hahaha oh man. 

Have a great week! Tschüss.

Not the only injured one at Zone Konferenz. 

Andrea and Hannah, super sweet friends of ours here. New members of the church.


The famous Michaela who loves all Elders in the whole world because they're so "adorable". 


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