Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Photos, and more Photos

Last week's pday road trip. Looked like the Norwegian fiords...

Our lovely office elders that hooked us up with a new ride and more supplies

Sneaky pic, foto cred Elder Weisler. Me teaching at the last zone conference

Visit from my favorite Esther ❤️️❤️️❤️️

Street food. Her 12 franc Gyro and my 15 franc burger. Oh Switzerland...

Some Sunday lunch from my dear sister

Sprint up to Neuschwanstein

Our box broke down on our front porch and all our new supplies kind of died.

I liked the picture of the man throwing away his stuff while striking a pose.

My friends Michaela and Cane❤️

Don't worry it's totally alcohol frei.  Haha but definitely not sugar frei.  We were up all night laughing and talking about the meaning of life.

District lunch at the Aartichoke

Candy cake

Awesome all the time

Making the comp go do the work. Just look at her. So proud. She'll baptize nations.

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