Sunday, July 9, 2017

Schön Juli; Schon Juli

Hey! This week was great!

Pday last week was a fun hike on Haldi. So pretty. We cut it pretty close though and had to sprint all the way back to the lift otherwise we would miss our other connections. Sister Bécsi kind of hated me but I really didn't want to be late! Pretty much the same story every time we hike on pday though haha :)

We had a couple new appointments with people set up and that was great! One of the guys is from Geneva so we taught him in French. Sandro helped us out which I was super grateful for. He served his mission with Mom and still has great French, WAY better than me haha so I was glad he was there.

We actually had the opportunity to teach a lot of people the restoration this week and it was so so nice. That's when you feel like you're really doing your job! Even if people don't accept it, it was nice that they at very least allowed us to share it :)

We've been doing a lot of street contacting and I just was feeling done with that finding method this week haha. It was great though, we got into a random bus and talked to people there and then when both us had finished our conversations we got out and then did an apartment building of dooring and then headed back. It was nice to just shake things up. And we totally find someone! For like the third time in my whole mission we knocked on someone's door and got to teach them a lesson right then. We sat outside and taught him and that was cool. Saturday was our stake soccer activity. Haha at church on Sunday the branch president talked about the sport day the day before and said, "for the first time in about 10 years, Schaffhausen has been able to participate in the stake sport day because of our secret weapon: the Sisters.

Hahaha. What he should have said was, "we lucked out, each team needs to have at least 2 woman on the field at a time and the sisters were nice enough to play cause no other women in the ward would have." We didn't win, definitely not, but it was still super fun. 

But also bad cause Sister Becsi got injured and we're kind of immobile at the moment cause it hurts her so bad. I have to keep changing her bandages and putting on ointment and ice packs, it's great. I feel like Jesus cleaning the disciples feet a bit. It's a great feeling when you put it in those terms!

Yesterday was probably the biggest blessing though. There were two super cool brothers visiting from Belgium for the weekend. They shared great testimonies and after church we talked for a while. They went on for probably for a good half hour going back and forth talking about how much they loved their missions. They both are dads now, but still have their name tags on the inside of their suit coats! They just talked so fondly about their missions and explained how the feeling of angels being round about you might become unnoticeable as you go on your mission. But as soon as your released as a missionary, you will immediately feel the absence of the angels that really were always there. I find that so interesting. It was a good reminder for me that the promises the Lord makes to missionaries, especially in doctrine and covenants, are REAL.

Have a great week!

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