Thursday, June 29, 2017

91 years old, no reading glasses!

The days are just flying by, it's pretty crazy.

Started off the week with a nice temple trip where we happened to run into a bunch of Sisters so that was fun :)

We got to visit a nice lady in our ward again, her name is Schwester Pitriboni. She's 91 years old and is just so healthy and happy haha. The lady doesn't even need reading glasses! She can't hear super well though, so you just have to speak up. Sister Bécsi has her Hungarian accent and is kind of soft spoken so every time she tries saying something, Schwester Pitriboni looks at me and says, "She's really sweet but I have no idea what she's saying."

We've been visiting a nice Malaysian family that has a restaurant in town and have been able to share the Book of Mormon with them. They invited us for lunch on Sunday and it was so yummy. They're also Muslim, so Sunday was their end of Ramadan celebration. They didn't fast or anything, so it wasn't anything big, but later the mom showed us how she prays. First how she cleans herself and puts on the white clothing and then the rather active praying. Super interesting and cool to learn about all kinds of cultures. 

Pray for us this week! We have a lot of appointments set up with new people so hopefully they'll work out...
Have a great week! 

Temple trip

Couple weeks ago with Sister Jones...

This week was our mission wide deep clean all the apartments day. We had to send these pics to our mission President. (Delphine, tu vois ton dessin dans le coin là? ;) )

Apfelkuchen mit Silvia
Cleaning the empty Elders apartment for them with Silvia...

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