Monday, June 12, 2017

Seeds do grow!

This week was really great!

-I had a talk on Sunday. Don't know why I was nervous about it haha, there were only 15 people there. But it went well! I think it was just a really great exercise for me to see how much my testimony and understanding of the gospel has grown. 

-We also lucked out and were asked to give the Relief Society class! Haha it went great though. I'm really grateful for the opportunities I've had on the mission to just be able to teach people, members or investigators. I love being able to boldly testify to people. I was thinking about it though and it dawned on me that that's something that might be very special and unique to being a missionary right now,  yet I'm still so grateful that I get to do it.  

-Have I talked about the man that we've been teaching that studies theology? He was on vacations for the past couple weeks so I haven't had much to say about him but yeah, that's going well. He finds it all very interesting but isn't such a fan of us bearing testimony of the truth of what we're saying. But we do it anyway. The Holy Ghost is what converts us, not the facts.
Fun fact. Apparently when you study theology in Switzerland, you automatically are a certified pastor for the Reformed Church, the national church. I didn't even realize this for a month. And then I asked him if he has his own church where he gives sermons and stuff and he totally does! Haha I'm just glad I didn't know this when we started teaching him, I think I would have freaked out and felt intimidated. But he's way cool and asks great questions that we somehow are able to answer. Jk, not somehow, we all know how :) there's no way we could do it without God's help. 
Invited him to come to church but unfortunately he couldn't. He was bummed that he couldn't come I'm pleased to say. Haha he said he really wanted to hear my "sermon". :)

-The lady that came to church last week is so great! Turns out she's watched the whole  Joseph Smith movie, and was even quoting some parts she remembered from it to us. It was a really spiritual lesson and we look forward to teaching her again.

-Talked to a lady on the bus and I'm so glad I did! I started by just complimenting her on her sunglasses and asked her where she got them and stuff. They were really cool! And then she takes them off and hands them to me! I felt so embarrassed but she was seriously so nice. Looking into her eyes was like looking into Jesus's eyes I'm not kidding, she just had that glow, you know? But she also looked sad. Turns out she knows the church but has had a really sad past with religious institutions in general and is going through a divorce and has 3 jobs and says now is not the time. I hope we see her again though. She was really lovely. 

-Updates on Linz Österreich!!---ok so since I've been gone, Asghar, the way cool Iranian guy we started teaching got baptized! And guess who baptized him.... KAIS!! (The guy Sister Frenkel and I got to baptize with his wife together.) Isn't that just beautiful? It's really a chain reaction. The first Iranian family in Linz invited Kais and Huda and then baptized them, then Kais and Huda invited Asghar and Kais baptized so cool.) I was also so happy to hear that some others my comps and I found together are also progressing and showing some great potential. Great to know that some of the seeds we plant really do grow!

Have a great week!

Kohler's visit last week at church
The new shades
Asghar' baptism ❤️️
Sister St. Laurent
Switzerland why are you so beautiful.
Stein am Rhein last Pday, just about made my life so pretty.


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