Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Avoiding Groundhog Day


Had our very last Zone Conference with President and Sister Kohler this week and that was sad. They gave great talks though. I've really been so blessed to have both of them my whole mission. They have just been incredible examples to me of how I want to be when I'm older. 
Also got to see Sister Jones again which also made me so happy. I hadn't seen her since her first transfer, so it's so amazing to see how much she's changed and grown!

I had an exchange with Sister Cullimore in Luzern which was beautiful. We also got to go there a couple days before for p-day so I'll include those pictures...

We had a really fun ward activity on Friday too! 
I woke up the other day this week and a thought came to me, "This feels like Groundhog Day". Haha it doesn't help that my companion has the exact same efy song set as an alarm clock every single morning. Haha jk, it's not really that bad, but a missionary has to be careful and not let the mission become like that. That's why the activity was good though. Sister Bécsi and I are trying to stay creative and think of new things we can do. So we planned this activity a couple weeks ago and went by every single member in the ward giving them an invitation and another one to give to a friend to invite. 
It went well! We had two investigators come and there were friends of members there and practically the whole ward came! Which is good, cause if one family doesn't come, then we're a very small crowd. 
The initial plan had been soccer but the ward kept making comments so we decided to plan some activities and games and grill. And even though no one wanted to before, we got to organize a fun little soccer game. 

We also had the challenge to shake hands with and greet 25 people every single day which may not seem that hard but that's quite a bit. It went well though and we did it! We even shook hands with and introduced ourselves to the people who told us they didn't have time or weren't interested and they always had this expression of surprise when we still made sure to shake their hand and wish them a good day. It was fun:) Made sure to wash our hands very thoroughly at the end of the day though haha 

Oh and Pa, yes I saw Tour de Suisse while it was in Schaffhausen. Lots of people were in the town so that was good for us, but there was also no buses running so we had to walk quite a bit to get everywhere. 

That's all, have a great week!




Her zodiac sign is a lion

Luzern eating beet and cinnamon ice cream sorbet...


Last pic with the Kohler's...  Haha every time someone asked President Kohler if he was tired, his response was always a peppy, "Only for the last three years!"


All my mission sisters.... we all were trained by Sister Tauche!
Comp sleeping in a member's car

Ward activity...

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