Monday, January 30, 2017

Last week of the transfer


So the big news: Sister Leonard is leaving me and going to Switzerland! Schwamendingen to be exact. And I'm getting a new golden again! It's great haha I look forward to it.

This week we had an especially great lesson with a really sweet Iranian family we teach. We taught them about eternal families and the spirit was so strong as we spoke. Sister Leonard and I both bore testimony of the temple and how holy it is there. They were so excited and asked us if we will come to the sealing of their family together. Sister Leonard and I both almost started crying of happiness I think haha. It's not everyday that your investigator reaches that point you know?

Also had the opportunity to go back to David and Irina again. They both had read and told us that when they had read they felt peace. It's really interesting, everytime we get there it's a little chaotic and crazy and maybe even dark but when we leave, the atmosphere is completely changed. It's so still and peaceful and light. And that's in no way to sound prideful, it's just to say that this whole thing about missionaries having power and authority and the spirit as a constant companion thing is REAL.

Last cool experience I'll share was at the beginning of this week when we were going finding. We had just been tracting in a particularly difficult apartment building on a particularly freezing day and even trying to be friendly and starting casual conversations with people on the bus was getting shut down. Suddenly though, as I sit down on the bus to take us home, this lady sits by me and starts talking to ME first! Haha what a delightful surprise; that always catches me off guard. She asked me what I was doing here, saying that she'd overheard me talking to someone at the bus stop just before. Her name is Jenny. I told her that as missionaries we prepare people to be worthy and ready for baptism. (Kind of weird that that came out, I don't usually put it that way...) She laughed and said, "well, you're currently sitting next to a very unbelieving, unbaptized person right now!" I laughed too and said, "that can't be true, you must believe in something even if it's different than me." She opened up a bit and said, "well, I do believe that Gods there, I believe that he looks over his children, that he loves us..." haha that caught me off guard but I was like, "yes! That's exactly right!!" She then went on to say, "yeah...I actually have been wanting to get baptized, me with my son together, my boyfriend too actually. He's really religious but also has never gotten baptized..." hahaha I think I forgot how to talk in that moment. Boy did that make me happy.  We look forward to meeting Jenny next week :) :) :)

Have a wonderful week!

Fresh Austrian buns, orange juice and Almdudler.


Loridana. Forgot to write about this!! This is the sweet lady we visited on Christmas. Unfortunately she's quitting her job and goes back to Romania, but we'll find her some missionaries when she starts work in Gratz :) we gave her a Book of Mormon in her mother tongue and she was soooo happy. We'll miss our sassy Romanian.❤️

Family home evening

The Donau

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