Monday, January 23, 2017

It's not from me, it's the Spirit


Hope everyone's doing well. This week was just kind of normal and went
super fast so I'm not quite sure what to talk about...

The man that we're helping with his alcohol problem is slowly but
surely getting better. Last Monday we spontaneously brought him to the
family home evening we were going to and it went really well. It was
funny talking to him, the day before, on Sunday, someone gave a talk on
the Word of Wisdom which was kind of a shock for him.
"Wait wait wait," he said, "none of these people here drink alcohol??"
"Well....yeah. We're not all prefect but we try."
"Wait none of these people drink alcohol or smoke??"
"Well yeah..."
"Wait coffee and tea too!? There is now way all these people keep that."

Haha plus we talked about the 10 commandments, which he already knew
about but told us that there is no way anyone can keep all 10
commandments at the same time. It was funny, Sister Leonard and I
looked at eachother and we were like, ".....wellll....I think it is possible.
You can at the very least try..." He's doing well though!

We also went back to visit that sweet Romanian family that we found
last week and it went great! Kind of a funny lesson translated from
German to English to Romanian. It was interesting, sitting in that
lesson I suddenly had a flash back to going as a joint teach with the
Sisters in Geneva and I remember how the investigator was asking this
question and I remember thinking, wow! That's a really good point he's
making! What in the world are the sisters going to answer?? And they
just took all the questions so confidently and with authority and I
was always so impressed and thought, wow, I don't think I'll ever
reach that point.

But then flash forward to this lesson, and also the other ones we had
yesterday and it suddenly dawned on me how the spirit is able to work
through Sister Leonard and me. And I know for a fact that that is not
from me, it's the Spirit. Because the things that Sister Leonard and I
answer are things that we've never even thought or said before, but
they are perfect for that moment.

Have a great week!

("Optimistic? Of course)

Another 5 course meal with a Schwester Dafalias!

Meat chain saw

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