Monday, February 6, 2017

First Fasching's Party


Have my new companion now! Her name is Sister Frenkel. She´s from
Germany, which I´m super grateful for because my German has been needing
it! She actually lives in the mission, but is just going to be here
for a transfer while she waits for her visa. She´s actually supposed to
be going to the Salt Lake Temple Square mission. I´ll be sad to see
her go so soon, we get along really well. She´s doing so well though,
especially for never even having gone to the MTC!  She´s a little
overwhelmed right now, but she´s doing great.

Pa, you asked what happened to the man that we met on Thanksgiving. We
still meet with him, sometimes anyway :) He comes to church quite
often actually, but kind of is a little less interested to meet with us and
take the missionary lessons. We were telling our ward missionary about
the situation and he laughed and pointed out, the missionaries
generally have the opposite problem where investigators never come to
church, but love having the missionaries over :) Anyway, he´s doing

Hard to say what happened this week, everything always goes so fast...
I had my first Fasching party! It´s just the Austrian version of
Carnival. They had a party at the church building for the primary kids
and one of our investigators and his little girl came! It was great!
Sister Frenkel and I dressed up as Pipi Langstrumpf. We asked one of the
men there if he could befriend and kind of stick with our investigator
but then we had to take care of his stand for him. I was so exhausted
by the end of it. Trying to speak German telling kids how to go
through this whole game while they're just throwing balls everywhere and
yelling and running and oh my goodness...

That´s everything for this week I think, nothing too exciting :)
Have a great week!

Ice skating with Mahsa and Sheila last Monday

"I am not allowed inside!"

Expensive Iranian tea. The color really weirded me out.

Last transfers Distrikt...

Saying goodbye to Sister Leonard...

Walking through Salzburg with Sister Phelps

Sister Frenkel was super excited to arrive at her first mission appartement, ours is pretty nice if I do say so myself...

"Friendship is magic"

New Linz missionaries...

Pipi Langstrumpf

Sister Leonard saying goodbye to our sweet investigators Rainer, Michelle, Melanie, and the cat, although her name has left me at the moment...

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