Monday, January 2, 2017

God Qualifies Us

Hey everybody!

This week was great! Haha I say that every week, but it's true!

Visited the two oldest members in this ward, both 93 years old! That
was fabulous. They were seriously the most positive and happy 93-year
olds I´d ever met. Most of the time when we meet older people, in and
out of the church, they tend to be very negative and, with nothing to
do, complaining about how terrible the world is and on.... It's nice
to try to cheer them up but most of the time we leave feeling more
weighed down than uplifted, but not with Schwester Prindl and
Schwester Freidelstorfer! Both of them just glowed with the light of
Christ. They were so beautiful! I loved how Schwester Prindl talked
about how Himmlischer Vater has just done so much for her in her life.
Schwester Freidelstorfer told us how the other day, she went to go
visit another older lady in the ward (haha but still probably a good
10 years younger than her) and asked her if she needed her help with
anything. How great is that! Turns out, she does a lot for her
grandkids and neighbors and refugees. She said she went to the gas
station to see if she could buy a greeting card for someone and she
realized she only had 1.80 in her purse! She laughed as she said, I'm
starting the new year with only 1.80! She has few possessions in her
house, only the things that are most beautiful, but really, it was the
most beautiful old little apartment. It showed someone who was neat
and clean and also knew that her worldly possessions are not what's
most important in her life.

The best was when she told us that she'll sometimes visit people in 
elderly homes and then she was like, "I'm going to sound dumb
saying this, but I don't like old people!" Hahaha
But then she was like, "No really! They just sit around and tell you
the same stories over and over and I don't want to be mean and tell
them that they've already told me that story!" Plus, she studied
drawing, art and hat-making, so we were great friends :)

Sister Leonard and I are doing well though. It's cool to look back and
see how much you've grown in an area and with a companion. We didn't
have any amazing miracle finding stories I don't think, but everyday,
we meet people and are able to bear personal testimony to them that
God knows them and loves them. Most people don't care, or maybe they
do but they just don't say so, I don't know. Sometimes I just go
around doing this work and it just feels normal but then I take a step
back and look at what I'm ACTUALLY doing and it's awesome! It takes
guts to do it too haha! But it's worth it. And God qualifies us very
young and inexperienced children to be His disciples and missionaries.
So that's pretty cool :)

Have a great week!

Last Monday, last day of Christmas in Austria with the Vogl family...

The 24th, I finally got the pictures....
(remember, we had Raclette AND Fondue in one night....)

New Year's. The Vogl's love us apparently so we got invited over again. And the dress code was wearing your pajama's. We ate Raclette again :) and a bunch of ice cream for dessert.
Haha we had to be home at 10pm but it was almost a New Years party! Wulli, Emilian and I were drawing dragons all night so it was great fun.
Here we want:
-to buy nothing.
-to spend nothing.
-to not change our religion.
-we are insured.
-and our bills are payed.
so: BYE!


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