Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So many absolutely beautiful things too!

Hey there!

I had a great birthday week! Started off with an exchange with Sister
Williams in Salzburg which went super super well. Unfortunately two
appointments fell through and it was freezing and snowing but we decided
to go street contacting and it was amazing! We found 4 really cool
people. Miracles always happen on exchanges.

The next day was also super cool when we visited an "eternal investigator" 
named Rozi. She doesn't want to get baptized but she loves the church and the
missionaries and is always giving people Books of Mormon haha. Well,
she happened to have a guy from Serbia visiting her and he started
asking us some questions and we told him about the restoration and he 
was so excited! We took a picture together haha...

There were really a lot of miracles this week but unfortunately I can't write all of them.  But here are some:

-Went by a guy who said we could come back another time. His wife was there and told us that they actually had no interest which was super super disappointing, but we kept talking with her I don't even remember what and then she invited us in for tea! She had no interest but her 14 year old daughter was super cool and nice and asking us all these questions saying, "I really just wish I knew if God was there and why we're even here!" Haha Sister Leonard and I were so excited. We're really praying for her that she prays and does the things we suggested she do to find answers.

-Yes, it is very very cold, about -5 degrees Celsius but we're doing ok. I just wear about five leggings and tights and all my sweaters and 2 pairs of thick songs and we look very mismatchy and funny right now haha. One investigator canceled our appointment cause he said it's too cold outside... that was sad.

-Went dooring and it was time to go home but we really had the feeling we should go to their last building. Well, turns out members lived there hahaha. Thank goodness the Schwester said, "Hallo! Sisters!" Before we could make fools of ourselves trying to do one of our dooring approaches haha. It was great! We'd never met these members before and we were able to share a spiritual thought and it was great!

-Last miracle I have time for today, I can't write too much but we've started meeting with this really nice man with a strong alcohol addiction. We met with him a couple times already and it's been really incredible. He said he would come to church on Sunday but the meeting started and he wasn't there... I called him up to see where he was and he told us he was at home and didn't want to come because he had drunk a lot the whole night and didn't want everyone in the church to smell the booze. I told him the people wouldn't care and so he should come anyway and he did! It was so so wonderful. He obviously smelled pretty strongly but no one in the ward cared. So many people came up to talk to him and he was glowing at the end of church. He came up to me and Sister Leonard and said, "I did not know the people would all be like this! They are all so nice!" I'm so glad he had such a wonderful experience. 

Just a nice thought a member said to us this week: How cool is it that Heavenly Father didn't just create things like food or wood or stone for practical things, but he also created so many absolutely beautiful things too! Just to make us happy. Like flowers for example. They're not a big thing but they're just there to bring us more joy, to make our lives here on earth sweeter. I love that thought. I imagine there are lots of little details in all our lives that we don't really notice too much but that Heavenly Father gives us because He knows it will make us happy :)

That's all for this week! 

Love you all! 

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