Monday, October 3, 2016

Goodbye to Sister Eden

This was another great week here in Solothurn!

Had to say goodbye to Sister Eden. That was sad, we really got along so great. Although I must say leaving that morning to the Zurich train station was SO stressful and it was truly a miracle that we even made it. Sister Eden was up until very very late, haha or just very early, packing her bags. We had to leave at 7:25 and at 7:00 Sister Eden still wasn't up. I didn't want to be one of those companions that bosses the other around and pulls them out of bed, but I must say, looking at all the stuff she still had all over the appartment, and everything else she still had to do, my goodness, even I was stressed, which is saying something, 'cause I'm ALWAYS late. Then ten minutes before our bus comes, the Elders call us to let us know they caught the wrong bus and so they won't be able to come and help us with the three HUGE suitcases from Sister Eden. So we carried them all the way down our appartment building (because of course we live on the top floor haha) and sprinted as best as we could to the bus stop with seconds to spare. I swear, angels helped us, that was crazy. It was good though. We had 10 minutes at the trainstation so I ran and bought some Movenpick caramel ice cream for breakfast, because Sister Eden simply had to try this nectar from the gods before she left Switzerland.
But I love my new companion!!
Her name is Sister Jones. She's from Colorado, and just came fresh out of the MTC. She's so so excited to be here and get going, so great. I'm trying to be a good trainer. Trying to speak German even though I have to repeat everything I say in English right after, but she's starting to understand it a lot better!

And I tell you what, she is a lucky charm, we found a lot of potential investigators even though we didn't have too much time to go finding! Like one time we got on the bus (we seriously only hopped on for 2 stops, to an appointment, that I usually just walk to) and the bus driver started talking to us, asking who we were and what we're doing. He's interested to learn more about the church! But you must pray that he calls us. We didn't have time to grab his number, we were seriously on the bus for so short, what a shame. Haha it felt a little like the best two years, with the new missionary praying that "that man may call..." 

And yeah just a bunch of other things where we went up to people and they were interested!
General Conference was also super great. Haha SO much about missionary work, that made me nice and happy. I hope everyone takes the challenge and prays about what they can do for missionary work­čśÇ Sister Lehmann would be mighty proud of you.

Have a blessed week,
Sister Lehmann

Ok so I shamefully had never even been in the two cathedrals that they have in Solothurn that I seriously walk past and around all the time for street contacting. But we hurry and did it with Sister Eden for her last pday. Oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS. Look at this!!! Haha my jaw dropped when we walked inside, I had no idea that it was so pretty. 6 months and didn't even know. Hahaha

And then Sister Eden's dream was to go on a boat ride which is free with our Swiss pass so that was groovy. This is the lake between Thun and Interlacken. 

And of course she had to try Ovomaltine.

And then we had some more time in Bern so we wrote letters by the university there. And then I took a selfie. My hair looks crazy

Hahaha I thought this was a funny picture.

Karyna and Zorian and Zaiden and us
The new comp

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