Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Learn and Change and Improve


This week was amazing. I'll try not to write a novel that no one wants to read.
First off, this week we knew it would be Sister Eden's last week in
Solothurn since her visa expires after 3 months. Kind of sad, but it's
ok. I'm trying not to think about it :)
We had to practice a lot because we organized a Musikalischer Abend, a
music evening in our ward. We did the same thing in May when I was
first here, but decided to do it again now so more people could come.
It's so great. It's this program that some missionaries and ward
members in Switzerland created with a mix from videos, a story line,
and music in between. What's so great is that it really beautifully
and simply introduces themes and lessons that we teach as
missionaries. I really hope they start translating it in different

So yeah we had to practice a BUNCH, because Sister Eden was in a lot
of numbers (she's very musical, in fact her major is vocal
performance, so of course she had to be a huge part of the program).
It was really bonding with our group of performers. And did Sister
Lehmann take part in the performance, you may ask? Why, of course! I
was the designated page turner for the piano player! Sehr wichtig✌️
Haha but yeah actually, our ward missionary leader kept making jokes
about me not being a part of the program and I thought, oh I'll get
him.... And so without him knowing, I played the piano, in the actual
concert, I went up to play the first song on the piano instead of
Sister Eden. Haha I think I gave him a heart attack. (Actually I was
worried about that because he's 73, but don't worry, he was fine.)
Anyway, it was a big success! The spirit was so so strong, and so many
members invited their nonmember friends and they all felt the spirit
too it was great. The best part was when the guy in the videos is
making commentaries about whether or not God knows him and after a
while of this the kid behind me, Sammuel Schmikde (the one who loves
cars so much) says super loudly, "Ja klar. Gott kennt jede."
"Obviously. Got knows everybody." Hahaha everyone laughed. But it's
true!! I should take Sammuel Schmikde along for joint teaches.
Other miracles this week include the fact that two of our
investigators are on date for baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys. You guys. This is huge. This is HUGE. Sister Eden hasn't had
a baptism on her mission yet and she only has 3 months left, she was
so happy.

Really it was a miracle. Our transfer goal was for 2 baptismal dates
set, but even just last week, I remember looking at the whiteboard
with our goals written down thinking, ah man.....what a shame.... But
it totally happened! Both were very spiritual lessons.
Also got two new investigators this week and a couple of new people
who are showing so so much interest and portential, it's been amazing
to see.

What a blessing, especially with it being Sister Eden's last week in
Solothurn. I prayed at the beginning of the week that Heavenly Father
would bless us with a "miracle week", for sister Eden. Every week that
we've been together, when Sister Eden and I set our goals, she always
likes to pick big numbers and I give her a look, like, come on, let's
be realistic here. And then she grins and says, Miracle week!!
Well this week is dedicated to Sister Eden and her faith in a miracle week.

One more thing. You may be wondering what in fact is happening next
week if Sister Eden has to leave... I will tell you. Sister Eden is
going to Rosenheim in Germany and I, I am staying in Solothurn and
training a new missionary! A "golden" as we call it in my mission.
Haha I'm excited and nervous and excited and also nervous ­čśŐ it'll be

Isn't this how life goes, as soon as you get comfortable and life is
good and normal and you're thriving, that's when things change and
craziness gets thrown at you. But as a member told me this week,
without that, we would never learn and change and improve! So true.
Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Lehmann

All the people involved in the music evening we had. So so fun practicing with all of them. I love them all so much.

District temple pic

Shout out to Dagmar for being the greatest aunt in the world and sending me a mini raqulet oven and cheese in the mail!! Haha oh man I was soooo happy.

Fondu with Esther. Sister Eden's first (and probably last) time eating fondu! (She was quite sick afterwards)

We went thrift shopping in Bern last Pday and it was AMAZING. Seriously the best thrift shop ever.

Walking to an appointment and looked up and noticed what a pretty area have. Not bad, eh?

Herr J├Ąggi cried a bit when he had to say goodbye to Sister Eden.

The Caiquo family. Haha I love them so much, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

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