Monday, October 17, 2016

Last week that never sent

Last week that never sent....

Hello hello!

Another great week here in Solothurn!
It's interesting how having to introduce your companion to everyone in
the ward makes you realize how many people you actually do know! And
how just having to show a new missionary around makes you realize how
much you've learned and grown and improved. Seriously, haha I've
improved a lot. But I'm not saying that in the least bit to be cocky.
I know for a fact that EVERY skill I have obtained and improved thus
far on my mission has been from the Lord. It's just been so incredible
to notice in the last couple weeks with Sister Jones how truly the
Lord has answered my pleas from the beginning of the mission and even now,
to improve in this skill or to gain a testimony of that. You just
definitely have to have patience because being a missionary is so so
different from anything you've ever done. But it's AMAZING.
The highlights this week would have to include Herr Jäggi, or Bruder
Jäggi, as we're now calling him, and how close he's getting to
baptism! So so cool. This'll be such a jumpstart in his life for him,
and also for the ward! They haven't had a baptism in a bit of time

Another highlight was from this Friday. Sister Jones and I were trying
really hard to get a service project this week but all our ideas were
falling through. Then another disappointment came when Karyna told us
that she'd have to cancel our appointment again. But that made it so
that a couple minutes later, when a member called and asked if we
could help her clean the church building, we could say yes! She was
super grateful for the help, since her husband was sick and it would
have taken her hours. Then we stopped by Karyna's real fast just to
say hello and see if there was anything we could do to help. She's not
one to like to ask for help, but thankfully she let us help her clean
up the apartment that she just had absolutely no time to clean up that
week. Karyna's really incredible though. I've gained a whole lot more
understanding and respect for all single moms.

Another cool thing is that for the next couple weeks/months is that
we're reading the New Testament as a mission. I LOVE it. We just read
Matthew 27&28 today. It made me so sad. So so sad. Earlier this week I
was looking out at all the people milling around the city here and
thought, quite sadly and angrily, why do they not accept this
message!? Why do they avoid us and look at us like we're weird and
yell at us, just for wearing the name of our Savior on our name tags!?

And then reading these chapters in Matthew about when Christ was
crucified, it was enough to make me cry.
It's so sad to me all the people who could care less about what Christ
has done for them. But it makes my love for the Savior grow stronger,
knowing that he knew people would avoid him and look at him like he
was weird and yell at him, and ultimately crucify him, yet he went
about his purpose anyway. It is truly amazing and beautiful to me.
And anyway, I can't control the people here, all I can do is accept
Christ's sacrifice myself. And I'm doing my best to do that!

Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Lehmann

Went on a nice hike to the Wiessenstein last Pday. Lucked out with a comp that likes to hike. :)

But then reality set in that Pday is short, so we skipped the last 40 minutes of the hike
 and took the lift.

The view

Zollikoven Sisters we met up there

Haha look at this adorable card. Little Swiss girls writing in English.

We got to go to the temple again! So great.

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