Monday, October 24, 2016

Brüder's Jäggi's Baptism

Hi there!

This week's highlight: Bruder Jäggi's baptism!!!  It was so great.

Well, of course it had its little kinks in the program, but we tried 😊
Like Elder Nielsen says the baptismal prayer and goes to put our tiny
74 year old investigator under the water, but it just didn't work.

Actually it was kind of bad because Bruder Jäggi was really trying to
go under but honestly it just looked like this missionary was trying
to drown this old man. And then all the ward members, the vocal ones,
were trying to tell Elder Nielsen what to do and and this kind of
frantic funny scene went on for five minutes. I'm not even kidding. It
was really five minutes. Finally, finally he got baptized, but I don't
think half the people were watching at this point but we all clapped
and some cheered, which I'm not sure you're suppose to do that at a
baptism but that's ok. Hahaha you had to have been there.
As funny as that was, it was still a really spiritual experience for
Bruder Jäggi. He was so happy. I've never seen him so happy before, or
emotional. It was really beautiful to see.

Seriously, he had completely turned his life around. Just a year ago
he didn't even know anything about God, but slowly but surely, his
life changed and he really knows God and has faith in Jesus Christ. It
took so much patience for me to teach him haha but now I look back and
I realize how blessed I was to be a part of this. Every week for six
months teaching him, I look back and see that I had little to do with
any of it. It's all Heavenly Father. It's all the Lord. And I've been
so so blessed to get a front row seat of the power of the atonement in
individual lives.

Have a great week,

Sister Lehmann

Had to show sister Jones some Bern...

On our way to a service project

Karyna and her kids and a random little girl. This is really the best picture, Zaiden refused to cooperate.

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