Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hallo zusammen!

Hallo zusammen! (very Swiss German way of saying it)
Alles läuft super hier in Solothurn😊

Had a great zone training to start off the week. It's funny, I'm one
of the oldest ones in Bern zone at this point. Not the oldest
missionary, but one of the missionaries that's been here the longest.
We had exchanges that day too and that was great! I went back to
Burgdorf for the day and Sister Jones stayed in Solothurn. Haha it was
wonderful, I got a really nice break from always taking the lead and
knowing where things are. Honestly, exchanges are the best thing for a
new missionary, 'cause it helps them realize how much of the area they
actually know and how they really don't need their trainer to get

So funny coming back from Burgdorf to my comp and her just going on
this long stressed rant about this person she called, and that train
connection she looked up, and this or that appointment that got
cancelled....we very much switched roles haha.
But seriously I love exchanges. For whatever reason, I'm always just a
bit apprehensive beforehand, but afterwards, I LOVE it. Miracles
always happen. Like Burgdorf hadn't been able to find anyone in the
last 2 weeks and suddenly in the hour Sister Fairbanks and I had to do
finding, we found someone, gave out a Book of Mormon to someone else,
and discovered where this long lost less active lady lived, who Sister
Tauche and I had looked for so long while I was there in June. Hahaha
Other highlights this week would have to be Bruder Jäggi's baptismal
interview going super well (seriously we went over the questions so
many times, but he did good. Incredible to see the change in his heart
over these last 6 months of teaching him.)

Then Saturday was dumb 'cause we were looking for this address forever
of a new lady in our ward, but no one knows her name and she lives in
an apartment building, so we literally had to ring everyone and ask
them if they happen to be a member of our church and just moved in
there. Haha they all thought we were pretty dumb. And the best part is
that she wasn't even home. And by this time we both really had to pee
and so I found the nearest McDonald's but we still had to walk a bit
and as you can imagine, it just felt like the biggest waste of an
afternoon. But, at McDonald's, we quickly said a prayer that with this
last hour of finding before we had to go home,  He would somehow help
us achieve our goal of finding 2 new people. And we did!!
One was a very very Muslim guy, but he said we could bring him a Book
of Mormon in Arabic. And then a really really cool guy. We were
walking down the street and he was raking his sidewalk. We went up to
talk to him and he was telling us that he already knew us and stuff,
but turns out he was talking about another church. We talked to him
for a bit about what we do and the Book of Mormon and I told him that
we share a message and invite people to pray about it and ask God if
it's true. Haha for whatever reason he got a real kick out of that
one. He said he wanted to see what his son had to say about that, and
that his son would decide if we could come in or not. So out comes his
6 six year old son. I ask him if he believes in God and he says yes.
And I ask them if they pray, and he said yes. And pretty much I told
him what I told his dad. I asked him if he understood what I was
saying and he said yes. Then his dad asks him, so what do you think
Ezra? Do we let them in? And he said we could! Thanks Ezra 😊 you're
the best.

Highlight of the week was when the bishop and a member of our ward
came over to give Karyna a priesthood blessing. The spirit was so
strong, it was SO STRONG. I seriously have never felt the spirit so
strong on my mission, maybe ever in my life. Everyone, especially
Karyna was glowing at the end.

I know for a fact God answers prayers and fasts. He answered so many
of my prayers this week, so so many. We just have to be a little
patient sometimes :)

Have a wonderful week!

-Sister Lehmann
Pday with the Zollikoven Sisters in Basel. Man I love this city, I can't believe I've waited so long to go! They have the greatest old town.

Sister Selph found this schnitzel on Donald Trumps face rather comical. No quite sure what that advertisements even for.

On our way to our ward missionary council, had to take a pic.
And last but not least, Sister Lehmann made some lentil soup. It was super good. Thanks for the recipe mom :)

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