Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Passed my 6 month mark....weird

Hi there!

Another solid week here in Solothurn.

Started off celebrating Sister Multamäki's birthday at Ikea which was a blast. Haha man we were so happy. Imagine guys, we have no pinterest, all art museums in Switzerland are closed on Mondays and apart from the occasional artistic member, we are extremely cut off from the art/interior design/style world. Ikea was beautiful. Really like heaven. From the hip people, to the art to the creative interior design ideas, it was like pinterest in real life. irl. we took a ridiculous amount of pictures. 

The coolest miracle happened this week. Sister Eden and I were street contacting with our district in Solothurn. We went down a street that we usually don't go down because there aren't too many people, but we just figured we'd go since the rest of our district were on the main streets. We talked to a couple cool people and then when it was time to go back, we saw Yasaman!! Now I know that doesn't mean too much to you right now, but let me explain. 

We lost contact with Yasaman, just like Joy. She wasn't answering any of our calls, she lives on top of the mountain so it's really hard for us to make the time to get up there, let alone actually get up there, and she didn't come to church. So we really didn't know what happened to her. And don't tell me that's just how missionary work is sometimes, I know that! I've had plenty of people be nice and interested and then ignore us, but Yasaman was super cool. She actually went up to the missionaries in the street saying that she had been looking for our church! She was so so happy to see the missionaries. And she was so excited to meet us the first time. She paid a lot of money for the bus trip to church too.

Anyway, so 3 weeks after that we saw her! She was so so happy! She gave us huge hugs and said, "My Sisters!!" Haha she's so sweet. So turns out her phone wasn't working and she didn't have enough money to come to church. But she had been reading the Book of Mormon every single day since we last saw her! Isn't that so great? Man we were so happy. Her life is extremely difficult, yet her faith gives her such a light. She is an incredible example of faith in Christ. She loves her Savior so much and is strengthened so much through him. 

So that and plenty of other miracles happened this week so that was great. Hope everyone is doing well!

-Sister Lehmann

I got the salmon.


Look closer at these catalogs....
That's right. We're on the cover of an Ikea catalog. Hahahaha oh man this was the best pday ever. 
(Ikea was holding a photoshoot and they pasted it on the cover :) They were doing it for free! I even got a post card version! Haha so fun. I'm just mad that I didnt think to hold up a Book of Mormon!)
Happy birthday Sister Multamäki!

Check it out, we made homemade tortillas with avocado, zucchini and salsa. Also we were dumb and had the window open. And now I have a bunch of mosquito bites again.

Hahahaha this was right outside of our apartment. Hahaha so many random things in the picture.

I didn't realize she was taking a selfie, but she totally caught the moment of me talking to the cow. We met up with some members and Karyna for some grillin' Saturday evening.

Karyna, her kids, and Sister Eden.
Karyna's adorable kids.
This is Sammuel. We were at these members house for dinner. He LOVES cars. He's only 5 but knows all these car names. I think he was thoroughly disappointed when he asked me what my favorite car was and all I could say was,"I don't"

Bad quality selfie with the whole family
When it's time for planning, Sister Eden grabs her planner and Sister Lehmann grabs her pajamas, the chocolate, and milk

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