Monday, August 29, 2016

Extremely hot and sweaty week

Hi there!

As I was reading through my journal this week, trying to remember what
had happened this week to see what I could include in this email, I
realized what an actually great week it was!

I was feeling pretty nauseous and sick most of the week which made a
little harder to want to go out and talk to people, but you know what,
I was grateful for it. One day I was feeling especially just
completely drained, and as Sister Eden washed up the dishes from
lunch, I went to go lie down (such a nice companion, I know.) But then
I didn't lie down, I knelt down, and prayed that Heavenly Father would
help me have the strength to go out and do my work that day.
And you know what, I was given strength for that day! We had a lot of
planning for that day and then when we went out, I was able to give a
girl a Book of Mormon, even though it was a pretty short train ride,
and then we had some really good discussions with people in the
street. Really it was incredible that I had the strength to do it but
I did! Haha and I know that was from Christ because as soon as our
work was done and walked through our door that night, I totally
crashed and had to go to bed. Haha. But hey! Prayers are answered and
I'm grateful for that.

We really did have a good week though. We had opportunities to teach a
lot! It was so great. Leah, Karyna and Herr Jäggi are all progressing.

 Oh! And I don't think I included this last week, but Joy, our
investigator from Nigeria who is a refugee here wasn't answering any
of our calls or texts so we were scared that she had to suddenly leave
the country (the government told her that she has to leave in the next
couple of weeks). She lives kind of far so it's hard for us to just go
by, but a member called us and told us that he went by and saw her and
she's still here! Yay! We were so happy. Seriously, imagine having one
of your nicest and favorite people you meet with suddenly get deported
and you have no idea where they are or if they're ok. But she is ok! We
decided to go by but she wasn't there. But then a couple hours later
as we were at the train station close to where she lives we saw her! We
ran over, gave her a big hug, and ran over to catch our train. That
was really a tender mercy that we saw her.

Hope everyone is doing well!

-Sister Lehmann

P-Day in Thun again❤️

The squad.

Karla threw this adorable birthday party for her little Victoria. Hahaha she's so spoiled. I like the kid in the corner photo-bombing.

They had about 5 different events going on in Solothurn on Saturday and one of them included llamas.

Sister Pang gave us crispy duck hahahaha. It's been in our freezer a while so we thought we'd try it out.

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