Monday, September 19, 2016

Trying to figure out who Jesus is

Hi there!

This week started off with district pday, with another trip to
Niederhorn. They were all jealous of my fun pictures from when I went
with sister Tauche so I thought I'd sacrifice myself and do it again
:) it was fun. Although I think sister Eden did not find riding down a
mountain path on a scooter very thrilling or safe haha...

We also had exchanges this week with the Reinach sisters which was fun!
The biggest disappointment this week would have to be when one of our
promising investigators emailed us that she did not want to meet with
us anymore. Ugh, I tell you what, this week I have developed a keen
hatred of Anti-Mormon websites. I hate them very much. It is kind of
funny though that she emailed us to tell us this. She's already told
us in the past that she felt bad saying anything against the church to
mine and Sister Eden's faces because we're just so nice and sweet.
Haha we got mad at her and told her she has to tell us when she has a
problem with us or something, that people are honest and rude to me
and sister Eden all the time and we can take it! But yeah, she still
didn't have the courage to tell it to our faces because sister Eden
and I are just to sweet and nice I guess :)

We did have a miracle this week though! Sister Eden and I were at the
church building for a practice for a music concert we're planning this
coming Saturday. It was just a half hour before we had to be home
though when it finished which wasn't crazy practical cause we couldn't
go anywhere further away from the church to go finding but it was also
too early to go home. And even though I was saying, ah man! All these
people by the church probably have been bugged by the missionaries so
many times they'll just be annoyed with us!  
But faithful Sister Eden
insisted that we try. So we did! And it was great!! We met this guy
who had moved there about 2 years ago and had always wondered about
the church and had looked up as much as he could online about us. He
was excited to see us and said, "wow! I have lots of questions for
you! Also, I'm just really trying to figure out who Jesus really is.
One things for sure though is that he did live..."

Now all you American and South American and African missions, you
probably get this daily, but to have an actual Swiss guy say Wow. Haha definitely a miracle.

Hope everyone is doing well!
-Sister Lehmann

Really gross looking meat truck we saw everywhere the other day (this is Chantal, she came home from her mission a little while ago and went out finding with us).

"So a good thing"

The thompsons do our apartment inspections. They're really nice :) they told us our apartment looks good AND made us cinnamon rolls.

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