Monday, September 12, 2016

Thanks for the notes and emails


Another good week here. Pday wasn't anything too special, Sister Eden
had to write some scholarships, but I had a nice time writing some

Tuesday was really great though, Sister Eden and I planned a finding
activity for our district. We drew the plan of salvation with chalk on
the sidewalk in Solothurn city center and were able to show people
what we believe about where we were before this life, why we're here
and where we're going. It was fun! Some of us stayed by the picture,
and others went through the city, there were missionaries everywhere!
It was great.

Sister Eden and I had our missionary leadership conference again in
München and that was great as usual.

We also had a really cool experience. There's this guy that we keep
seeing or crossing paths with. We've gone up to talk to him everytime
for a bit, but it was always a bit awkward, like he always gave off
the vibe that he'd be anywhere else than talking to us haha. But get
this. One day we were talking to someone in the street and he came up
to us. Apparently he knew the lady we were talking to but then he was
like, oh I'll wait till you finish talking to this lady, I'd like to
talk to you guys. Haha our faces must have looked so funny, we were a
bit caught off guard. Well, we ended up talking to him for a super
long time. He told us his whole life story and how he felt that he
should talk to us. We explained who we were and what we do and he was
like, what are you doing here!? No one in Switzerland cares! Go to
Kenya! (He's from Kenya) The people there are open and nice and care
about God! Hahaha  But yeah then yesterday we had a lesson with him and it was so
spiritual, he was so happy and really felt the spirit it was

A funny thing that happened this week was while we were tracting. We
were talking to someone at the door and I finished saying something
and turned to sister Eden to let her talk because I was kind of
messing up like crazy and it was awkward. But then I look over and
sister Eden is crying! Haha she has this thing where her eyes start
stinging like crazy and her eyes start watering super bad and she
can't see. So I just was doing a bad job teaching and my companion
next to me is crying and oh man it was awkward haha
Well that's it for this week! Have a great week! Thank you so much for
all the notes and emails, it's really so nice of you all.

-Sister Lehmann

Sidewalk chalk finding

Elder Cornetta and Elder Hartle are fighting over the celestial kingdom. And elder Nielsen figured he'd settle for the Telestial kingdom. 

Sister Eden and I wanted to switch things up so we've been moving our mattresses to every room. This is our study room. We also moved the mattresses in the kitchen too! Haha ah it's pathetic what we find entertaining and fun...

Our GMK, ward missionary council I think it's called in English? Anyway, I don't think I've ever talked about them, but here are the Joders! Pronounced "yoda". Schwester Joder always makes us delicious breakfast before the meeting and this time she made us a "Danish breakfast" with smoked salmon on toast for Elder Nielsen's birthday. (Elder Nielsen's from Denmark.) Mmmm I was in heaven. I love smoked salmon. Poor sister Eden doesn't like fish though.

We had to go through Zurich on the way to Munich and quickly ran to the river to talk a selfie.

Cool house in Munich. And sister Pascal.

All the sister training leaders.

All the sister training leaders and zone leaders of the mission.

And for the finale, the BEAUTIFUL earrings I got from a special someone this week. Hahahaha oh Andreas, he kills me. This made me soooo happy. So funny.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Aisha! I love your posts! You write just like you talk and your stories are always nice to hear. And those earrings are the best ☺️