Tuesday, August 2, 2016

(August 1st, Switzerland's National Holiday)

Hi there! This week was super great!

Started off with a wonderfully chill Pday. We went to Bern and ate
Mexican food. REAL MEXICAN FOOD. It was so good oh my word, Sister
Eden and I were in heaven. Sister Eden hadn't had Mexican food in a
year. She was pretty ecstatic.

Next day we did some street contacting in Biel as a district. And then
went around the same area where we found so many new potentials last
week and found some more! It was so great.
One highlight was when we went on a hike with investigators that we
were having a hard time really having a good relationship with them.
They are quite shy, and there's a bit of a language barrier but we
invited them to go on this walk up to this little church they have in
a mountain by Solothurn and it was so great! It was a family, the mom
and her three kids, from Ethiopia. At the beginning they shyly shook
our hands and it was quite quiet but by the end we were all hugging
and the mother, Ababa, gave us a huge hug and kiss, thanking us so
much for the time we spent with her. Really such a blessing, it was

We also had Tausch this week! Exchanges, in English. That was so fun
cause Sister Tauche came to me in Solothurn! Haha it was so weird at
first. Back to the good old days. But better! Really, it was such a
blessing to be able to work together with Sister Tauche again. We have
made SO MUCH progress. Really, the Lord has blessed us a lot for our
efforts and we are still far from perfect, but we have improved, thank
goodness. All we could talk about the whole time was how awesome being
on a mission is haha :) We also set a goal to be a lot more creative
as we did street contacting which was so great! Like asking questions
at first about where people would rather go on vacation, where they
are happiest, and being able to talk about how happy we will be one
day when we go back to live with Heavenly Father. Anyway, hard to
explain in an email, but it made it WAY more fun for us and a lot more
comfortable for the people we were talking to.

Sorry, this is getting long, but another great thing this week was the
members we visited. We didn't have too many meal appointments by
members so we decided to go and visit some! It was wonderful! Bruder
and Schwester Melly were so great, they showed us all these tricks to
do family history, and gave us fruit and yogurt and cake, told us
their life stories, gave us chocolate and Sister Melly, who knits many
baby booties and beanies insisted that we take a set for our first
children hahaha. And Schwester Kurth also told us her life story. She
is 93 so as you can imagine we were there for a long time. Haha it was
awesome, we love her.

Have a wonderful week!!

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