Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This week was great.
Started off with a nice and chill PDay with the Burgdorf Sisters in Bern.
Later on we had MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference) in München for
2 days which was SO GREAT. I love my mission president and his wife
so much. President and Sister Kohler are so great. They both are
really bold and sometimes say dagger-to-the heart-stuff but if take it
well, and are humble and heed their council, you become such a better
missionary. So yeah, that was really great. I heard a lot of things
that I need to hear. I just pray that I can pass it on to the rest of
my zone as well.

It was funny, this week, Sister Eden and I were riding the train maybe
5 minutes to a neighboring town. We often sit in different seat
sections so we have more opportunities to talk to people. I  was on
the phone with a member and Sister Eden started talking to this guy.
Our stop came up pretty quickly though and I walked out of the train,
but out a door behind Sister Eden. I thought I'd just see her outside
but I was out there and she still wasn't coming and all the train
doors were closing. I was watching through the glass and she was still
talking to the guy! I ran to the button to open the doors, all the
while still trying to hold a conversation with this member on the
phone and get Sister Eden's attention. Haha thankfully she made it out
in time, but the best part is that their conversation started about
the weather or something and then led to Austrian cuisine and suddenly
our stop was there, so Sister Eden had no time to talk about
gospel/church related things, let alone even tell the guy that she was
a missionary for the church. So all she did was jump up, have to
quickly interrupt him and say, "I'm sorry, this is my stop! .....here
(handing him a pass along card) ....call me!" And ran out the train.
Hahahaha when Sister Eden told me what had happened I was dying. I
told Sister Eden that as much as I would love for the guy to call us,
I'm pretty sure all he would call us for is cause he thought Sister
Eden was flirting. And then I really hoped that actually he wouldn't
call us.

Well, that was our week! It was good! Hope everyone is doing well.

-Sister Lehmann



New MLC friends.

Me and Sister Gach each ate entire pizzas and it was wonderful. It was at this cool Italian restaurant in Munich

(PS: "Kinder" means "children" in German)

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