Monday, August 22, 2016

Hi there!

This week was really great.
It started off with a very stressful and not at all worth it trip to
Basel, across the border to Germany to go grocery shopping for

Next day we had district meeting and ended the transfer with some good
old raqulet. Haha, I'm not sure how to spell that [Ralf's insert: it's spelled
"raclette", in case you want to google it]. So funny though,
sister Eden was like, oh hey, sister Lehmann, we're good with cheese,
right? Like we can bring some of what we already have in the fridge?
And I was deeply offended and said, NO! Sister Eden! We cannot just
bring any cheese to raqulet, we have to bring raqulet cheese!
She thought I was joking. But I obviously was not. My parents raised
me good and proper to know you must use raqulet cheese for raqulet,
when you're living in Switzerland anyway :)

We had a couple of really great appointments with Members this week. I
LOVE the members here in Solothurn. They do such great missionary
work. People think sometimes that member missionary work is just
sending the missionaries to this person or that, but it's so much more
than that, and there are such better ways. There are a couple families
here that do things so well, they just invite neighbors, friends and
family over for dinner, for a fun evening, just to be friendly and
outgoing! And these members, being proud members of the church, end up
in some way shape or form having to explain or share something about
the church to these people since it's so central to their lives. Or
better yet is the experiences members have told us of how they were
able to talk to this person or that and really bear testimony to them
of how the gospel has helped them personally in all veins of life.
I think sometimes as members we get scared that our friends will be
offended and think we want to convert them or something. Well
obviously we would love for everyone to join our church, but isn't the
reason we do missionary to share with others what has helped and
changed us so much. To share our purpose and goals and meaning of
life? And if that is our genuine motive to do missionary work, then
the genuine friends we share the gospel with will be able to see that.
Oh man, I'm sorry, I went on a rant there, but yeah, just know the
members here are great :)

Best part of this week would have to be our lesson with Leah. I have
been praying and fasting a lot for all of our investigators that they
might receive answers to their prayers to find out for themselves if
all that we teach as missionaries is true. I still hadn't experienced
on my mission that an investigator says, hey! I got an answer! What
you guys are saying is right! And then wonderfully and gloriously,
Leah got her answer. Not a huge one and not completely life changing,
but enough that she's beginning to really understand what it is that
Sister Eden are trying to share, not just with her mind, but also her
heart. So so amazing. The best part is when Leah prayed at the end. It
literally just sounded like she was talking to God. Sometimes I think
our prayers sound a little recited, but Leah's was so simple and
sincere, a little phone call to Heavenly Father.

Well, hope everyone is doing well. Love you!
-Sister Lehmann

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