Monday, July 25, 2016


Hope everyone had a great week! Yesterday was Pioneer day, Sister Eden
reminded me, which is very exciting so I hope everyone had a great
pioneer day haha. 
Our week was good! Once again, started it off with a lovely Pday in the Alps, namely Oeschinen Lake. Quite lovely, as usual.

A couple of the highlights this past week:

-We were dooring with no success and then suddenly in one appartment
building, 4 people in a row were super nice and invited us to come
back to share more! That was so great. Haha it's moments like these
when Sister Eden and I look at eachother and say '....Whoa....what
just happened.' Haha it's awesome.

-I don't know if you remember one of our investigators from last time
I was here in Solothurn, Karyna is her name, but yeah the missionaries
weren't able to meet with her at all while I was in Burgdorf, and then
while I've been here again she's just been super busy. I was praying a
lot about her and how we could meet with her, cause she really wants
to meet, just has a lot on her plate, and then I had the thought that
we should just invite her to church, see if she could have a chance to
do that while her kids are still out of town living with their dad for
the month. And she texted us back and said Yes! And she did come! It
was so great. It was a great meeting, the ward was super nice, and she
liked it. That was really a miracle.

That's all for this week! Things are going great here. Sister Eden and
I have bonded quite well mostly cause we laugh and stupid stuff and we
are both clumsy. And also because her skin is peeling from sunburns
and my arms have huge mosquito bites all over them so we both look
sickly and gross. 
So yeah Solothurn is great!

Hope everyone is doing well!
-Sister Lehmann

New comp

Old comp

This is Ken, a new convert in the ward, and his sons Shadrack and Joshua. He's so cool, we love him.

A little family home evening we planned with Ken and the Heiniger family in the ward.
Spotted: Sister Eden vandalizing, drawing the Plan of Salvation with some abandoned chalk.

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