Monday, July 11, 2016

(July 4, 2016)

Hello hello hello!

This week was really wonderful, but why don't I start off with the
biggest news: I'm getting transferred back to Solothurn! Haha to
answer the question you're probably wondering, no, this is not normal.
When Sister Tauche and I left Solothurn, there were still Elders
there, but our mission's running low on Elders at the moment, so
they're taking the Elders out of Solothurn and putting a Sister
companionship in. And I'm going back with a new companion.
I didn't think I'd be so upset leaving Burgdorf! I've only been here 5
weeks but I love it here. The members here are so great. Sister Tauche
and I were really starting to find people to teach. When I first came
here I was nervous and kind of upset, convinced that an area with lots
of small towns and villages would be tough and not amount to too much,
but I take that all back now. Even if they are few, even if there's
only one, there is always someone who will listen and who is ready.
Also really sad to leave Sister Tauche. She's getting a new Golden
though, a missionary fresh from the MTC! We learned and grew so much
together. Yesterday as we went out finding together and spoke with
people, as far from perfect as it was, it suddenly dawned on me how
much we've improved, from the first days finding in Solothurn to now.
That was really a blessing that I suddenly recognized our progress.
Some highlights from this week:

-talked to a lady in the street--an extremely normal looking lady--
and she started laughing at us saying," you gals got the wrong person!
You don't have to worry about me, I've already been saved! I'm a
prophet!" And then she talked about all her prophetic gifts and a lot
more and then after long rant said, "well this has been an inspiring
conversation, let's leave one another with a prayer." And then she
said this long African chant and started talking to God and prophesied
that we would dream of Jesus tonight. Unfortunately  I did not dream
of Jesus but it was an interesting conversation.

- Met an old lady while dooring this week. She was awesome. She was
Swiss and tiny and old and wore this awesome crocheted Jamaican
looking bubble hat and literally had skin crumble away as she
scratched an itch but was so happy and open with us. We asked her if
we could teach her, even if she didn't have an interest, so we could
practice since we didn't have the opportunity to teach anyone that
day. So we did! I have never in my life beheld an old woman, no I take
that back, a SWISS, who was so open to our message. She loved it! But
unfortunately told us she is far to old to convert. It was really
beautiful though when we started talking about Christ she began to
cry. She told us how it breaks her heart every time to talk about
Christ, considering all that he did for us and how many people in the
world don't even know or care. That was really incredible hearing her
testify of her love for Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong.

-And then also his week, Sister Tacuhe and I tried teaching more of
our missionary lessons to members we were visiting. That was amazing.
We really don't get too many opportunities to teach so it's really
nice to practice. Also as we spoke, Sister Tauche and I bore testimony
and taught clearly and simply together. It was wonderful and
incredible to see how even though the members knew it all already,
they felt the Spirit too and felt the truth of our message.
I really do have a testimony of all that we share and bear testimony
of as missionaries is true. I love it. I LOVE it. My heart is so full
of gratitude for the knowledge I have and for the marvelous privilege
I have to share it.

-Sister Lehmann

This is Tülay. From the Burgdorf ward. Haha I don't know where to begin to describe her so I'll leave it at that.
And the Hahn couple, our ward missionaries :)

And we had to go through Solothurn for a second there for a connecting train. Sister Tauche was happy to go back through her home area.

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