Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello everybody!

This week was really fabulous. I wish I could write about it all but
I'll keep it down to just a couple miracles that we had:

-First off Pday, as always, so fun. Got to go to Thun and do a little
shopping site seeing there with Sister Eden, and we met up with Sister
Tauche and her new cool Finnish companion Sister Multam├Ąki.

-One day, Sister Eden and I were waiting for our train and while we
were waiting, I was making some phone calls. And I don't know what
came over me, I was paying more attention to the person I was talking
to on the phone, but I just climbed into a train that had pulled up
without noticing where it was going. And suddenly as the train rolled
out of the station, I realized we were going on a one way train to
Bern! Oh man was I peeved. And Sister Eden still is learning the
transport system and area here so she just followed me. So we went to
Bern on a lovely little time wasting detour and I said to Sister Eden,
we had better meet someone elect on our ride back to Solothurn. And we
did!! We sat by a lady and began talking to her and it was so great!
She was nice and open and gave us her number and said she'd love to
hear more. Pretty cool miracle, no? Oh! And we weren't even late to
our next appointment, another little miracle ­čśŐ

-A week or two ago I talked to this girl on the bus and she was really
cool. She already knew about the church, from different sources, one
of them being that she knew a girl in the ward. But yeah, we talked
and I gave her a card and invited her to church and to look at the
website to learn more about the church. And a couple days later she
called us!! Haha it was so funny, she called us to say that she had
been to the church website and that she wanted to know how it works to
learn more about the church and I was so bewildered I could hardly
speak haha but I was like, hey! That's our job! When can we meet!? So
we met up a couple days later (she called us to let us know she would
be there a bit early haha) and we taught her the Restoration. She had
so many questions and it was so great. Man are we excited about Lea,
she's really a miracle. That is extremely rare here in Switzerland,
let alone the fact that she's only 17. So so cool. It was funny
talking to her though, she laughed as she told me that when I first
talked to her on the bus, the lady behind me was staring at me like I
was an alien the whole time. And then when I started talking about
prayer and being on the search for truth, she said that the lady was
rolling her eyes like crazy hahaha. Whatever. It was so funny though,
after our lesson with Lea, Sister Eden and I started crying and
hugging and laughing. Not really crying, but still, we were happy.
So there's that week, just a snippet of it of course.

I read a cool scripture this week:
Alma 42:27.   "Therefore, O my son, whosoever will come may come and
partake of the waters of life freely; and whosoever will not come the
same is not compelled to come; but in the last day it shall be
restored unto him according to his deeds."
Really the greatest act of love from God is that we get to choose. He
doesn't make us do anything, he lets us choose, and although I know it
must really make him sad, even break his heart to see how some of his
children use their agency, he still lets them. That's one of the
greatest acts of love.

Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Lehmann

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