Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heiße Woche
Hello there!

This week was another tougher one, but as always, still good!  It started off with district pday, which was truly paradise I tell you what. We went to Grindelwald and it was AMAZING. I wish I could put all the pictures on here but I can't, what a shame. It was sort of cloudy at first but then cleared up after we prayed and the view of the Alps was exquisite. So yummy.

Then after 4 weeks of rain, suddenly this week it was blazing hot and humid. Sister Tauche and I were so sweaty it was disgusting. Haha one of Sister Tauche's prayers literally went like this,"...and please forgive us for how sweaty we are...please help people to not be too
grossed out when we try talking to them..." We miraculously discovered 3 fans in our cellar that belong to our apartment though! Man was I excited about that.

But yeah, this week, we had all but one planned lesson fall through which was really a shame, but Sister Tauche and I aren't giving up! Don't worry! Haha at the end of almost every day this week as we exhaustedly walked home, a little discouraged, we started going back and forth saying what we were grateful for and pretty soon we were skipping all the way home! It was great! Isn't it great how no matter how hard your day is, there's always something to be grateful for? Heavenly Father really does bless us so much, more than we deserve I think sometimes :)

One nice thing this week is that we've been trying to leave daily "personal touches". Our mission president gave us a couple of daily things he wants us to be doing on top of other goals like 2 hours of finding, contacting 2 members asking if they need help, teaching at least one lesson, even if all your other ones fall through or you have no appointment... And then one personal touch. So Sister Tauche and I have been trying to do that! We left a couple notes with scriptures or quotes for members when we were nearby and one of the members on Sunday came up to us and thanked us saying that she really had been going through a hard time this week and was praying a lot for help when she got our note! She said it was exactly what she needed to hear. Isn't that lovely? It's a little thing but still. That actually happened a couple times this week, not just with members, but with all kinds of people thanking me and Sister Tauche, calling us angels. That was nice. Again, Heavenly Father blesses us so much, even if they seem like little things they really add up and make you realize how much he truly loves you.

Have a wonderful week!

Crow pose by Grindelwald Sea

Photo cred: Sister Lehmann


Here's my awesome district! Burgdorf sisters, Bern Elders (our zone leaders) and Interlacken Elders.

The clouds were being dingy with us for a little bit there but then decided to leave us alone, thank goodness

Bad quality pic, but some high quality content: a fan‚ sister Tauche's homemade fruit and yogurt fake ice cream invention (using all our oldish fruit and yogurt haha), and watching Legacy, a movie about a pioneer woman's story--this is as close as a girls chick-flick night as we're gonna get.

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