Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hi there!

This week was really great!

The highlight would have to be when we were knocking on doors (once again in an insane thunderstorm) and met a man from Ecuador. He wasn't too interested at first, especially since he could only speak really broken English, but we showed him a video in Spanish and he said we could come back and bring him a Book of Mormon in Spanish. So we went back a couple days later and his wife was there too! They let us in and we got talking. She spoke a little better German but it was still a little difficult to understand one another.

They told us they were Catholic. They also told us they had a lot of friends and contacts that were members of the church. The wife started talking about how she had been taught by the missionaries before and that was cool and then she started talking about how she'd been to church and been to a baptism which was even cooler. And then, a good half hour later, as we're still talking  and she talks about baptism again, it suddenly dawned on me what she was saying and I asked her, "Wait, are YOU baptized? Into the Mormon church?" And she says, "Yes!" Hahahaha Sister Tauche and I were laughing so hard. She just identifies herself as Catholic because of her family, and the Mormon church seemed like a nice option at the time! And she wants to come back to church again! She said she misses it, and would love to review the lessons again with her husband because she was only a member for a short time before she stopped going.

This week we also had zone conference in Zurich where President and Sister Kohler came and all the missionaries in Switzerland met up. That was fun! And really inspiring. Loved it :) We also had exchanges this week which is also fun. Really, we never see the other Sisters so that was nice. I was with Sister Hancock, from Utah. Fun to spend 24 hours with an American for the first time in a long time haha. That's all for this week! Have a great week!!

-Sister Lehmann

Here are some fun pictures of Interlaken. It was really rainy so we decided to cancel our plans to go hike in the Alps and just went through the town. Not that pretty actually, but Sister Tauche and I love our postcards so we were happy :)

Trying on tourist hats in Interlaken

G Tauche

Interlaken suburbs
Swatch store featuring a crazy cow

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