Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello there!

Hope everyone is doing well! All is well here.
Last Pday Sister Tauche and I went up to Lauterbrunnen, a canyon/valley
branched off from Interlacken. It was beautiful! And miraculously we
had sun! That was seriously the only day in the last two weeks with
sun. We also met a family from Salt Lake City up there! Haha it was so
funny. Twice actually, people called out to us and said, "Hi
Sisters!!" So we ended up spending a little chunk of our pday with the
Jones family. Now I get a little taste of how missionaries feel in Utah.

It's nice to feel appreciated, have people come up to you, rather than
part the Red Sea every time you walk down the street hahaha.

Then later this week, Sister Tauche and I went to Munich for two days
for a missionary leadership conference. We're the sister training
leaders for our zone so we got to go! (Haha don't think we're all
great or anything, there are only two sister missionary companionships
in our zone, so there was a 50% we would be sister training leaders).
It was really really great. We rode on an extremely stuffy bus for 5
hours, bought some very disappointing burritos (there is no Mexican
food here. And try as you might to find something that comes close to
what we have in Utah, you are always disappointed) and had a
devotional in the evening. We all stayed in a hostel and the next
morning played soccer and had a lot of training and lessons about how
to be the best missionary leaders we can be! It was great. It's so fun
to be with other missionaries every once in a while. I wish I had a
picture of the group of missionaries all together, but I don't, sorry.
Also it's really wonderful seeing your mission president and his wife!
We rarely get to see them on our mission so that's always great. And
then we went back home! This time on an even stuffier bus for 6 hours
because of traffic and they stopped us at the border to check every
single passport on the huge bus haha.

And as far as missionary work miracles this week, on Wednesday we were
going from door to door for a couple hours in pounding rain (I'm
serious it was on the verge of hail for an hour straight) with no
success. A lot of times when you ring at apartment buildings, people
don't bother coming down, they just open the window and yell down at
you and we have to yell back, which is really hard when you're having
to stare up at them with the hail-like rain pounding into your eyes

Annnyyyway, now that you get an idea of the conditions, you can
imagine how completely elated and relieved we were when a family let
us in!! We spoke to the father, everyone else was busy, but he was so
open and great. At first he said that he has his religion and he's
good but then the more we explained and bore testimony, the more you
saw his heart soften and open up. It was amazing to see. We're really
excited to go back.

That's all for this week! Hope everyone is doing well.

-Sister Lehmann

View from the lift

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