Monday, April 3, 2017

Maybe Now is the Time

This week was another really great one.  We had a lot of lessons with new people that all went well!

One of them was a good friend that I've made while here in Linz. We'd met on the bus and it turns out that she works right by our apartment in the grocery store there. We go by every once in a while to say hi and she's come to a lot of other activities and even Kais and Huda's baptism. For whatever reason, for the longest time there, I didn't know how to invite her to learn more about the gospel, it just never felt right. But when Sister McAllister came and I told her all about her she was like, well, why don't we just ask her. Haha well duh. Why hadn't I thought of that before! Haha jk, ok so I had, but it just didn't feel right before. But this time I prayed before hand and told God that I wanted to ask her, but asked that He help me.

So next time we went by and we asked her how she was doing, she told us that she hadn't been sleeping so well and that nothing seems to help and that things are actually not so dandy at the moment. I told her that when I can't sleep, I pray and we talked about that for a bit, but then I was like, wait, why don't we meet up some time to talk about it! Because I mean, there are more ideal places to demonstrate prayer than at a grocery store while someone is on the clock and should be stocking shelves :) and she said yes!!

So we finally met up yesterday and it was really really good. She asked us loads of questions, about what we do all day as missionaries, about what we believe and other stuff. We taught her all about Heavenly Father and why we're here and how He wants to hear from us! The spirit was so strong. She didn't want to pray right there in front of us, especially because it would be her first time, but she said she wants to try it out at home.

 Part of me is mad with myself that I didn't just invite her sooner, but I also really feel that it was important for her specifically that we didn't jump on her and come on too strong. It made it so that when it was time for us to really teach her, her heart was not only open but also desirous to hear what we believed and taught.

I was studying in Enos and in Alma 22 this week and something I noticed in the two stories is that both of the people, Enos, and also the king, were in contact with missionary type figures. They both had been in contact and heard some of what they taught, but they had a period of time where it was important for them to just ponder and reflect on the words they'd heard them say. They also both had time to ponder on the missionaries themselves and the unusual but also inspiring lifestyle they were leading. And then when the time was right, they wanted to hear more about the gospel, and they were excited to pray and feel that God really is there and loves them.

Maybe we all have a friend that for a long time we didn't feel was the right time to ask them if they wanted to learn more about what makes us so happy. But maybe now is the time. I don't know, and neither do you, but God does! If we really pray and let God know that we want to ask them, then maybe just like for me, something will come up in a conversation where you can take the opportunity to ask! Just a thought. But I can say that there is truly nothing that makes me happier than to see a good friend of mine feel the spirit for the first time, and to really learn the nitty gritty of life. :) 

Have a great week!

We went to Mauthausen last pday. It's a concentration camp close to Linz. It was interesting but also really really sad and rough to learn about. 

Look! Austria has alps too!
Ghetto Haribo vending machine. Don't judge the candy by the candy dispenser though. Still was👌🏽👌🏽 love me some classic gummy bears.
Spring is hurrrr

Cute family we had family home evening with. The Elders missed their train and couldn't come, that's ok though cause now we're the kids' favorite missionaries. Mostly just cause we gave them Haribo though.

Hole in the wall falafel shop that was soooooo good I think I annoyed sister McAllsiter as I kept bringing up all day how good it was. Haha like really I closed my nightly prayer and was like, "sister McAllister! That falafel tho ammaright??"
There's the falafel and a cute courtyard and my comp

I decided to capture some of what I cook these days. Sister McAllister is blessed to have me as a comp what can I say. Jk, she helped. She cut the olives really nicely. 
Ok so three types of pizza, one with Alfredo, one with tomato sauce and one with pesto.

Pasta with avocado and pesto sauce
Puff Pastries with ham and cheese and egg and onions and other random yummy things

Cream of mushroom sauce on pasta topped with Parmesan and cilantro

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