Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Both Good and Humbling

This week was both good and humbling, but I mean, that's honestly how every week is :) 
Started out with a lovely pday in Salzburg. Austria is so beautiful I can't get over it. Most of the time anyway!

It was cool, Kais and Huda brought a friend of theirs to church 2 weeks ago now. He has really terrible German. Really terrible. Yet he absolutely loved church. He came by himself to general conference the following week. I didn't see him, I was sitting in the English room but later the bishop came to us, asking who he was. He told us that he had seen him getting very emotional throughout the conference which we all found so incredible considering the fact that he understood nothing. We met with him this week and it was so funny. We really couldn't teach him anything unless we used google translate the whole time. He was still so excited though and tried retelling the whole story of Moroni showing Jospeh smith the Book of Mormon using his hands and a mix of German, Persian and sound effects haha. It just goes to show that it doesn't matter much what is said, but rather what is felt.

Wels had a church open house this week and we went to help one evening. We got there and apparently almost our entire district decided to be there too haha so it was just a bunch of missionaries kind of waiting and not really anyone there except for members. So Sister McAllister and I went out and tried doing some street contacting, inviting people to come see the church building. But apparently Wels is just empty. Haha there was nobody! We had to run across the street real fast to catch them! No one was too interested except for maybe one Turkish guy who might have just been more interested in Sister McAllister.

To follow up on the story of the girl last week, we met again and it was so great! She brought her boyfriend with her too! She said that she had prayed this week that she'd finally be able to sleep, because she hasn't had a good night's sleep in months. She said that she's not sure if she'd gotten an answer, but that she suddenly fell asleep before she could finish her prayer. Haha Sister McAllister and I looked at eachother and were like, that's the most immediate answer we've ever heard of!

Have a great week!

Pday in Salzburg:

First time eating Pho


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