Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Short & Snappy

Hey there! Sorry, this email is gonna be short and snappy!

-the sweet Iranian family we've been teaching and  visiting but unfortunately can't give so many details about can finally get baptized! We're so so excited. They were glowing when we told them. I'm so excited. 

-Found and taught the sweetest Armenian lady his week. Her son-in-law came in during the lesson and started telling her all this anti-Mormon stuff in Armenian half way through and that definitely wasn't so cool. But then Olga, the lady, put him back in his place and insisted we continue to share our message. She is so faithful. She probably can hardly understand us, but she was overjoyed to receive a Book of Mormon in her mother tongue, eventhough she's partly blind... anyway, she really loves Jesus so things are going great :)

-I'm happy and doing well and loving missionary life with Sister Frenkel. Missions are the best. I miss a lot of things about home of course, but when I think about it, I know I'll miss the things I'm experiencing right now even more!

Have a wonderful week!!

We made a delicious frittata that should have lasted us a good three days but we yolo-ed it and ate it in one night.

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