Monday, February 20, 2017

Roller Coaster Week


This week was definitely a roller coaster. We had a lot of great
appointments set up that we were so excited for but all of them seemed
to fall through, even with our more solid investigators. Wednesday is
a great example of this:

We had one appointment that cut our studies a bit short and thank
goodness that worked out. It went really well actually! Once again
with Olga, the sweet Armenian lady. 
After that though a member,

Schwester Dafalias, insisted that she take us out to lunch and
that's when absolutely nothing went as planned haha. 

We had a nice time with her, and finished our language study in a
bookshop in town to save some time instead of going home. The
appointment we had right after that fell through unfortunately so
we did some street contacting around there. Pretty rough and
unfruitful for a while until we met the coolest girl named Stefanie!
Haha its so funny, after getting her contact information and setting
up an appointment for later that week, we walked around the corner,
and immediately when she was out of sight Sister Frenkel and I started
laughing and hugging and perhaps some tears were shed. "Sister
Lehmann! She's so normal!!" were Sister Frenkel's exact words.
Hahahaha I scolded Sister Frenkel for saying that, but I mean she had
a point. The people who generally say yes are not always the most
dependable or sincerely interested people. I think I can count on one
hand the number of normal Austrians who have wanted to meet with us in
all these months here.
Well then we had to hop on the tram over

to our next appointment which surprise surprise also fell through,
and then we found out that our appointment that evening also fell through.

The moral of the story though is that it really worked out for the
best. We ended up finding two other really cool people we talked to
right by the appartment building where we were. It just proved to me
that fall through appointments and a change of plans doesn't mean that
Heavenly Father's plans also fell through. I really believe that he
wanted us to go to this neighborhood or that, or to stay in town to
meet Stephanie... All these little things to us make us feel like
we're just running around in circles in Linz getting nothing done, but
I've noticed that if I try to make the best of it and talk to everyone
around us, it becomes clear why we were suppose to be in that place at
that time.

And really, Wednesday was just one example of this, but I think
everyday this week there was some kind of experience like this.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great week!

Hiking in the foothills of Linz. They call them mountains but that is a lie.

Apparently we got a missed call on August 8, 2099

Zone training on Valentine's Day

Cool street singer/bird lady that we met in the street. Her name is Truffle Trolly I think...look her up on Sound Cloud. 

Well folks, here is Linz at its finest. I feel like I've kind of been deceptive with only sending the pretty pday side of Linz, but I think I will take some more down to earth, honest pictures of what we see of Linz haha

Did I mention that Sister Frenkel is actually a photographer? Haha well yes, she is. We have some really nice pictures but unfortunately every single one I attempted to take of her is really terrible and blurry. But here are some great pictures of me!

Another one with her good camera.

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