Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hope everyone is doing well! 

This week was spent doing a lot of finding. Sister Tauche and I tried a new method, of making a little flier/introduction of us and who we are and putting it in mailboxes and then going by dooring a couple days later. It was good! Well, not a huge success, but the people were a lot nicer :) One old lady REALLY did her research and told us everything she learned on the internet about Mormons (non-mormon websites of course) and that was interesting haha. She was quite heated and I tell you what when these Swiss Germans start talking fast and get heated I can't catch a word. Ok, that's not true, I understood 'Joseph Smith', but that's it. Haha Sister Tauche did well though. I understand whats going on in the conversation based on her responses which is helpful.

The German is improving though! My grammar is still atrocious but I am trying! It's getting there. The Swiss accent definitely takes some getting used to, but people are nice and slow down for me when I ask. I really think German is a beautiful language though. American movies make German seem so harsh and terrible haha! But it's not! It's really poetic and pretty. I also got to go to the temple this week and right after that, at district meeting which was right by the temple, Uncle Toby found me! That was cool! 

We also taught our new investigators Makda and David. It wasn't too bad! We try our best! Our next appointment with them fell through but then they invited us to have dinner with them which was super cool. It was Ethiopian food. (They're from Ethiopia) It was really great to get to know them better and understand a little more about their background. They're both quite religious! It was interesting hearing how traditionally Christian and religious Ethiopia really is. 

Well, that's all for this week! Oh, I held a frog. That was exciting. Haha but yeah, it's really great to be here. Not only is it beautiful, my testimony grows stronger everyday, my love for the people here grows and my eyes are more opened to how involved the Lord really is in this work. I pray I can continue to improve and progress and be a better instrument in His hands!

Love you all. Have a wonderful week!

-Sister Lehmann
Kissing the frog

The maps showed the trail through the forest was faster but I'm not so sure about that...mostly just muddy and pretty :)
Uncle Toby found me at district meeting in Zollikofen! Here's a slightly awkward no-touching missionary photo haha

Mmm found me some good left over spaghetti muffin
Herr Jäggi gave us flowers. Haha a LOT of flowers. What a ladies man. 

This one's for Max

My ironman badge companion.


Weather Station
– If you can't see the stone, there is thick fog
– If the stone casts a shadow, the sun is shining
– If the stone is wet, it is raining
– If the stone is white, it is snowing
– If the stone is moving back and forth, it is stormy
– If the stone is moving up and down, there's an earthquake
– If the stone is hanging upside down, it's the end of the world
– If the stone is gone, it has been stolen

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