Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hey there!

This week was really great! It started off with zone training which
was so inspiring and cool. Then we had the zone activity! The mission
reached its baptismal goal for the first time in a very long time so
every zone had an activity! Haha pretty much I just got to mooch off the
missionaries' hard work before me. But it was fun! We all met in Bern
for the zone training in the morning and then the afternoon we went up
to a mountain called Gurten. We ate lunch, went up on a tower up there
and then played soccer the whole afternoon! It was so fun. I mean, I
was the only sister left playing after a while but it was all good fun

We had a lot of different appointments this week with members, less
active members and investigators. I can't write about everyone but I
can tell you about one of our investigators! His name is Herr Jäggi.
(So Mr. Jäggi) he is very old and you have to have a lot of patience
teaching him. Sister Tauche said it perfectly: he's really great
practice in teaching things simply. But we're getting progress because
he actually remembered what we taught him last time! He loves the
sister missionaries haha. He'll shake your hand for a long time and
often times, after I bear testimony of something he just smiles at me
and says, your hair looks very nice! You look like Heidi!  Hahaha

The highlight of this week though was yesterday! Sister Tauche and I
spent most of the week finding, in the street and door to door in the
rain without much success, but then yesterday, a nice couple invited
us in and we talk for a super long time and we're going back tomorrow!
I'm so excited! It really was a miracle. It was so funny. Sister
Tauche and I walked out of there kind of in a daze. It was good.

That's all for this week! There's so much work for us to do here I
love it. Sister Tauche and I are improving everyday which feels good.

There's still so much to learn but I'm loving it. Have a great week!

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