Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stake Conference in Salzburg


Wow, what a crazy week!
  1. Sister Frenkel had to leave 10 days earlier than the transfer to the MTC in Provo so we had an early transfer day. On Monday Sister Frenkel and I hung out in Salzburg until my new companion, Sister McAllister showed up from St. Gallon, and then we sent Sister Frenkel on her way. 
  2. Sister McAllister and I are getting along great! She's a bit younger on her mission than me. She's from California! We have fun together
  3. Our first evening, we went out finding a bit and we found our first people together! I felt bad, sister McAllister was pretty tuckered out from traveling but she let me drag her around, without complaining :) We ended up meeting the girls we met in the street a little later that week and it went super well! It was so spiritual as we explained to them what we do as missionaries and the personal meaning it can have for them if they really open their hearts to the gospel. The whole time they were just smiling and nodding and listening and when we asked them if we could meet with them again, they were like, "Yes!! Of course!! We can meet whenever! I feel so good right now talking to you guys!" Haha that's like the most beautiful thing a missionary can hear.
  4. This weekend was stake conference in Salzburg. Apparently stake conference is not in the normal church building... and apparently everyone knew that expect for me and Sister McAllister.... and apparently the invitations they've had all over the church building all month gave the address of the actual auditorium where we were meeting.... so apparently I'm not a very observant or organized missionary... haha oh dear. But as always Heavenly Father was looking out for us. There happened to be two tourists from Utah waiting at the church building wanting to go to church but had no idea what was going on. We called some people to tell us the address and then we were able to drive over there together. Had they not been there to rescue us, we would have never figured out the public transportation in time to find it. Plus, President Kearen, the General Authority for all of Europe was there to speak! (He's the one who spoke about refugees in the last spring general conference.) It was so so great, and I was so grateful to have made it. I also don't think it's a mistake though that sister McAllister and I went all the way to the church building in Salzburg. We met so many people along the way! We hung out with the servers in the train and gave one of them a Book of Mormon! In Salzburg we were able to help some lost tourists find their way... all these little things that made it really an ok day :)
  5. We had a great week overall, meeting all kinds of people along the way and also getting a couple new investigators! Things are going great here in Linz.

Wandering Salzburg

Salzburg: Cool cafe with only old people. Truly. And us. And a nice Asian guy there for a job interview.

The Leichty's who saved us in Salzburg.
Samy. The nice guy who took a Book of Mormon. What a character. (And my new comp Sister McAllister)

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