Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bring A Friend


Another great week in Linz. Well... haha mostly. We started out the week with a super full schedule and every single appointment, except one, fell through. Haha oh man. On Saturday, by the time a new investigator texted us to tell us she was sick and couldn't make it to our appointment, we were quite used to it and it came as no surprise. 

Had a fun exchange with Sister Phelps though! Sister Phelps is such a great example to me of following the spirit. We were riding on the tram and talked to this nice lady for a bit. She got out a stop just before us and we were quiet as we waited for the next stop. Both of us noticed this boy eyeing us a bit, which is pretty normal with the name tags... Anyway, we got out and started walking out the street and suddenly Sister Phelps turns around and talks to the boy from the tram that happened to be walking behind us. Haha usually turning around and talking to the person behind you is kind of awkward but Sister Phelps did it anyway! Turns out the boy was from Utah! He's been inactive in the church for about 3 years but his mom kept trying to get him to find the church here. He said he googled it but couldn't really find it. Haha he also told us he had wanted to talked to us, but wasn't sure if we spoke English. I don't know, it was also just super cool 'cause Sister Phelps, him and I just all connected really well and probably would be friends at home. We exchanged numbers and we'll hopefully see him at church in the next little bit :)

We also had the baptism yesterday and that was awesome. Just so great. A little hard to get Kais, who's kind of big, under the water... it looked like he was drowning a bit and it was kind of awkward but it turned out ok haha. Asad, an Iranian member who was baptized just 6 months ago, got to baptize him! He had to say the baptism prayer a couple times though before he got it right, even though we practiced with him. :) His German is getting there... but anyways, Kais and Huda are baptized now so we're good!

It was all just so happy and great. The members were super nice and welcoming, to both Kais and Huda, and to the other investigators/friends we had invited to come. 
Asad actually is the one who first told Kais and his family about the gospel. Isn't that cool? I think that's one of the coolest experiences someone can have: introducing their friend to the gospel, being able to baptize them, and from then on being a support to one another along the gospel path. Reminds me of Zoram and the great friend he was to Nephi. 

2 Nephi 1:30 "And now, Zoram, I speak unto you...and I know that thou art a true friend unto my son, Nephi, forever."

I imagine he was a great support to Nephi along their journey to America. There's also a Mormon message in our apartment that says, "Eternity's a long time: bring a friend!" I like that :) And that's exactly what we're trying to do here! 

Have a great week!

Taufe selfie. Hahaha someone is holding my hair back here because apparently it was covering some faces.
The Linz mission team

Sneaky pic of my comp during comp study. hahaha her head looked so huge.

Sister Frenkel worked for Haribo and has like 30 boxes full of this stuff at home. Her parents were nice enough to send us a couple...
That's a lie, it wasn't a couple, it was LOT. And I had to carry it home with Sister Phelps, stopping every 50 meters to catch our breath.

We are in this building SO MUCH. It's super stinky and kind of gross but some of the sweetest people live here. Sometimes we go out on the balcony to do some phone calls just so we can get some fresh air before we go by the next person.

Taught the 4 year old primary class on Sunday. SO CUTE. They didn't look too happy here but that's because we hadn't cracked open the Haribo gummy bears yet...

Last Pday shopping with Sheila

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