Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sometimes Frustrating But So Rewarding


Ah! I have like no time, I'm so sorry but really fast.

This week was insane. It was so so good. We ended up having 7 new investigators!!
Yesterday Kais and Huda received the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was so beautiful. I just was so happy and I was sitting by a few good friends I have made here and a new investigator, and I just felt so happy. I love serving a mission so much, I don't know how to describe it. I will never be able to do what I'm doing with the people I'm doing it with ever again which makes it all the more special and precious. I love giving 100% effort and energy into making sure everyone has a friend, that everyone feels loved and in helping as many people as possible come closer to Christ. It's so darn frustrating sometimes, but nothing is so rewarding.

I love serving with sister McAllister and learning from her. We have so much fun together. I love being humbled and learning and growing, not because it's easy, but because it makes me happy. I love learning new German phrases, or realizing that I've been saying somewhat offensive German things my whole mission because I didn't know better, and then laughing about it and learning from my mistakes. I love this church and gospel. It's such a blessing and privilege to be a part of such an organization. I know God leads it and that He, in His marvelous power, helps it to grow and improve, even with its very weak and imperfect members :) but he loves us anyway and sticks with us.

That's all for today. Wish I could write all the funny and amazing stories but that'll be for another time I suppose. 

Tschüss! -Sister Lehmann

Indian food last pday
Distrikt pictures

Our apartment got sprayed for bed bugs. It's a long story but anyway. That was crazy. Here's a picture of one. It's the black dot she's pointing at.


Cafe language study

Weak imitation of Mexican food. Man I miss it so much.

Taught primary again. We drew hands so they don't forget that it's through worthy priesthood holder's hands that we can receive blessings. I think they understood it...
Elder Hammarstrom getting stacked by some children.

Guess who came up with the spiritual thought to make paper cranes!

Sister Frenkel left a lot of Haribo.  The kids were so happy.
The parents not so much haha oops.

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