Monday, December 5, 2016

Solid Week in Linz

Hey there! Another really solid week here in Linz.

Our miracle this week would have to be on Monday when we were going dooring. Both of us felt good about this house and we started going around, asking people if we could share the church's new Christmas initiative video. Have you seen it? It's AMAZING. I love it so much.
Well anyway, we got to one door and the lady said she really didn't have time right then but that we could come back another time. Usually this means, "I feel bad for you, I really have absolutely no interest but come back if you want, if that makes you feel better about yourself." Which if you're a missionary in the dead of winter in Europe, it does make us feel better about ourselves. Ha

So the next day we go back and ring twice and there's no answer. I'm about to turn away and Sister Leonard says, just one more time? So we do and she answers! And she lets us up! And lets us in! Well, sort of: we stood in her entry way baking in our huge winter coats but we got to show her the video! We started talking about the need for religion and a belief in this world and started explaining what we do as missionaries. Honestly, I could hardly understand what this lady was even saying with her strong Austrian dialect and I was just saying words and thought to myself, "Oh Heavenly Father, this young single mom would love the gospel and needs it so much. She's probably the most sane person I've talked to in a couple weeks and I think the first Austrian I've had a really solid conversation with in my time here in Linz (foreigners tend to be nicer and opener). But I have NO IDEA what I can say that will touch her..." and then suddenly in our conversation she says, "well you guys are welcome to come back and visit anytime you'd like!"

Haha Guys, it's bad, but I literally said, "Wait....are you sure??"
Oh dear am I a bad missionary or what. I'm sorry! But it really caught me off guard! Anyway, it was ok, because she was like, "yeah!"

Sooo we got to come back the next day and teach her about the restoration! And what made it better was that her boyfriend and nine year old daughter were also there and super involved in the lesson and also interested! She even told us, "You know what guys, I NEVER do this, letting random missionary people into my house, but when you were talking to me at the door, and you were talking to me about what you do, I just felt this overwhelming positive energy, which I haven't felt in a very long time." 
Cool right??

I think people think that missionaries just know and are conscious of the spirit they have but it's not so obvious for us sometimes! Sometimes we're really tired and all we can think is, "Oh man...I'm a terrible missionary and am never going to get this down..." but then someone tells you that they feel the spirit and power and authority of your words and it just reminds me that it really is the case!

So that was super cool. Like I said, it was a great lesson, plus we're going back next week again, plus she gave us a slice of homemade blueberry cake from blueberries they'd picked themselves from the mountains. Not bad right?

The Lord truly does bless us. Really. Sister Leonard and I have so many conversations where we walk away and look at each other and say, whoa. There's no way that would have happened without the Spirit. So many times where we looked at each other and said, wow. They felt the spirit. Did you see that? Did you feel that? So cool :)

Love you! Have a great week!

Merci Dagmar!!!!!!! Trop bien ­čśŐ

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